Getting crazy here. Octave effect but assigned to a momentary button on the Remote?

  • Here's what I want ideally:

    1. A simple lower octave (or I could do a higher too) effect for just a chorus of a song.

    2. I want to be able to hit the same button on the Remote that the song's patch uses, like a Hold button to get Octaver, let go to go back to existing patch.

    3. I'm using Performance mode here. I could just make another patch, so slot 3 is the song, slot 4 is the effect, then swap. But I'd like to make it even easier?

    4. I could even use an expression pedal I guess, or assign it to something, but the idea of just stomping and keeping my foot held down, then release is ideal.

    Thoughts? I have an appointment with the Kemper showroom in a few days, so I could ask them I suppose. But I am in a hurry LOL.

  • Take a look at the Morph chapter of the Main Manual - you could (for example) use that function to change the volume and/or mix of an upper or lower octave effect,

    The default functionality of the Rig Buttons 1-5 of the Remote and Stage is to trigger Morphing.

    As you know, you can press a Performance Slot Button to select a Rig or Performance Slot. With the default functionality, you can press the Rig/Performance Slot button a second time to activate the Morph, and press it a third time to deactivate the Morph.

    Or, you can have the Morph momentarily engaged as long as you hold the switch down, and automatically turn off as soon as you release the switch. The “Momentary” option can be used to select whether Morph Sound should latch if triggered via Morph Button (default) or Base Sound should return as soon as the Morph Button gets released.

  • Thank you. I read the entire manual cover to cover, all of them, but still don't "get" the morph functionality. But it sounds like that's exactly what I nee after all. Hold down to get the octave, let go to get my original rig/slot back.

    I'll go bone up on the morph thing. Or have the Kemper people at the showroom show me Thursday. I'm lucky enough to live about 40 minutes from the Chicago showroom and signed up for a 1-hour free help session.