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    I have played guitar on the Worship Team at my church for about a year now. I spend a lot of time dialing in song performances. If you play praise and worship music you understand this can be intense with layers and layers of delays, verbs, and FX. If you know, you know. :-p

    I think I have an opportunity to sell praise and worship song performances for Kemper and stay up on what is coming out. Some sites do sell these products but they have 20-30 files and don't keep with new releases. My issue is my actual amps are super high gain and not meant for Praise and Worship music so profiles from them won't help. I come from a heavier background but I have truly made the transition at this point. Since I don't own the amps I need to profile I am not sure where to get started. I spoke to my sales guy at Sweetwater and he suggested I use the profiles that come with the Kemper to get started and then after it makes some money go to a studio with a backline of amps and profile them. I love this idea but I want to do this right. Can I use the profiles that came with the Kemper for song performances I would be selling? These would be profiles that Kemper gives away already. Granted some of them come from Michael Britt and others like him. I would not use third party profiles that did not come with the Kemper. I have no intention of using something I should not, which is why I am even asking this question about the stock profiles included in the rig packs.

    If anyone reading this would sell profiles at a fair price that you would allow me to use for this purpose... I would certainly consider it.

    I am closing a business related to digital downloads for metal guitarist. It's time to move on and align my business with the rest of my life. I am struggling with a starting place. I appreciate any advice


  • sales guy at Sweetwater and he suggested I use the profiles that come with the Kemper to get started . wow what a idiot he should get fired.

    and your asking people to give you a discount on there product so you can resell it oh ok

  • Unless you receive specific permission from the profile creator, this is not only frowned upon, its considered theft. You may be able to work something out with a profile maker, but I don't know that it's worth it.

    The effects in Worship can be quite involved. I've been playing in my church's band for nearly a decade. You might have luck simply creating effects packages to start. That and perhaps getting ahold of and profiling an AC15 or 30 as a stand-in.

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