Kemper Remote Long Cable

  • My POE, the TP Link cheapo, works with all cable lengths just fine. I'm sure it is fine. I have a 3rd cable coming tomorrow, so I have the original cable that comes with the Remote, an upgraded British Audio cable, and a third from Amazon that looks really, really flexible and truly like a mic cable. I will do a comparison when I have all 3. My main issue with cables that don't lay perfectly flat is I have to tape the crap out of them so no one trips on them. A mic cable, not so much tape and hassle. That's my main issue.

  • I think the POE injectors are "intelligent" and supply the amount of power needed. So a short run would not require much or any, and I think the POE injector would not "oversupply" power. Somebody else please confirm or deny.

    It's not like phantom power that hits 48v all the time.

    The POE supplies a constant voltage and then devices downstream draw what ever current they need. Not so much intelligent but just the way voltage and current work. If you have a power supply that puts out 12VDC and can supply 20 amps of total current and you hook up a device that needs 12VDC and only draws 1 amp the other 19 amps of available current just sits there unused. It's actually very much like 48V phantom power. I suppose different mics draws different amounts of current depending on their size and circuitry.

  • Here's my update on my quest to find a better remote cable. In the one pic, I laid flat each cable, OEM that comes with Remote, British Audio's upgraded cable, and per the recommendation on this forum, the Elite Core from Amazon. I was not thrilled with the British Audio cable, it was not cheap, and while clearly thicker and probably sturdier than the OEM, didn't coil round, or lay flat. It was kind of just a thicker version of the original. So I took one more chance on the Elite Core, again not cheap, I think around $40 for a 25' cable. But bam, I could tell the second I pulled it out of the bag this is the one. It does feel like a thick mic or guitar cable and will lie very flat and straight...and of course, it is easy to coil up in a circle just like a mic cable. So these Elite Core's are a winner in my opinion. I hunted down the Neutrik coupler so I can daisy chain two together if ever needed. I just bring both cables, and the coupler, and I'm good up to 50'. So Elite Core for the win. I might buy a short 10' as well for home use. Thank you to whoever suggested that model cable.

    Click the pics to see the full image, thanks.