Using the Kemper to profile a few Helix settings

  • I've read some posts talking about this, but I can't seem to get this to work. I get "amp is too noisy" or "Amp is too low" and I've decreased the output and the return volumes and it's either one or the other. It happens on clean and dirty profiles. Was just looking to capture a sound so I could use it in my bedroom. Any help or links would be appreciated.

    I did a forum search but couldn't find anything, maybe I was searching the wrong terms?

  • I don’t have a Helix bit I have successfully profiled a few plugins such as Guitar Rig, Amplitube and Neural DSP just out of curiosity. They all worked fine.

    Does your Helix sound have a noise gate or compressor active? Does it include any time based FX like delay, chorus etc? The Kemper can only profile the amp and cabinet sections of your Helix.

  • I should have mentioned this in my original post:

    • All effects are OFF
    • Noise gate(s) are OFF
    • I am only profiling an amp and a cab - some have an eq cut before/after a cab but result is the same whether its on or off.
    • Happens on both clean or dirty profiles
    • Not a huge amount of gain going on and profiles don't sound "noisy"
    • No matter where I set the output level (either on the amp, on the cab, on the output or in settings OR lower the return on the kemper), I get these messages.

    Not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I am a newbie to this.