TheAmpFactory PACK 2

  • Yeah I didn't care much for the TW profiles (no tweaking) with my Parker Fly either. It really goes to show how much of an impact the guitar and pickups can have on each amp profile. With that said, did you check out the VOX profiles with the Parker? wow :D

  • Actually this is a credit to the Kemper unit, - Real amps Love some guitars/pup configuration, whilst others simply suck and sounds flubby or shrill.
    The same for the Kemper, and actually that amazed me more, its almost as if its storing Impedance data too with each profile. - we are lucky to be guitar players.. right?

  • I bought your Hiwatt profiles.
    Perfect! Thank you for the good work.

    Until now, I play a 'real' Hiwatt Custom 100 in combination with a Fender Blues Deluxe and/or Fender Deville 410 as the basis for a Gilmour-Sound. The Hiwatt 100 of the "bundle 1" is a little bit too crisp - IMO (tested with my Fender Black Strat Signature and another Fender USA Strat with EMG DG-20). But it is easy to fix with the EQ. The Hiwatt DR103 is very very great!

    I am just thinking about, if I can use the KPA live :D uiuiui ^^

  • Over the years he played al lot of amps.
    But you are right: Most of them were Hiwatts DR103, some C100 and Fenders.

    I like the 90th-Gilmour-Sound (Pretty difficult with my budget :D :D :D :D :D) During that time David played - if I am right - Hiwatt DR103 heads - powered WEM Super Starfinder 200w cab 4×12″ Fane Crescendo speakers and Marshall JCM 800 400w cab with 4×12″ Celestion G12M speakers.

    A realy big, wide sound.

    So - I was very impressed as I've loaded your profiles. Even without tweaking they sound incredibly good ;) .

  • The EvilRobot is also one of the warmest amps ive ever played. - and also unique, in that most amps either want to sound like a Fender, or a Marshall, - this has its own flavor. - and I genuinely love it! made me go .. ooooh.. and aarrrhh, but in a good way! - also they are brilliant for recording, the way the speaker is mounted means you can mic it pretty much anywhere and still get a great sound.. but what it wont do is fill a big hall with sound. - surprisingly cheap amps too.

    I'd say so yeah, but also that the EvilRobot, is one hell of an amp.. - just been recording it, and played for about 2 hours before I even hit the record button, - I cant quite explain what it is. - its a darker amp, a woody tone, but it just speaks to me. - and once in a while that happens, and its bliss for us guitar players.

    Forget Phil-X - I wont/cant sound like him so I be myself :)

    Im buying one of those amps.. andertons has one in stock for me with my name on it!

    I'm completely blown away by your EvilRobot profiles!! My new favorite amp!, and I hadn't even heard of it before.

  • Thanks to these profiles, I have not only discovered fantastic amps I had never tried, but also great OD pedals like the amazing Ziggy !!

    I guess it must be this one:
    [Blocked Image:]

  • Briliant once again Andy!!

    Yesterday I bought the Bassman, Hiwatt and Evil Robot from pack 2. All are excellent!!!
    I previously purchased the Trainwreck and the Schofeild Two Rock!

    The two profiles I guess I will use the most is the Trainwreck and the Hiwatt. They are better than I could ever imagine and I actually never thought the Kemper could sound this good!

    If I only could manage to do some recordings instead of getting stuck in noodling around for hours saying OMG again and agian and again! ;)

  • I have finally managed to find my own way through the TW and Two Rock profiles (after 1 week) and I've loaded another 5 amps.......and is the all day that I'm stuck'd with the Caroll Ann profiles with my LP...absolutely INSANE tone! At this rate i'm going to be busy 'till Xmas..... 8o:P:love:

    "Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music" Serghei Rachmaninoff

  • :D amazing job! Sometime you must tell us what the hell you're doing differently... I've just started surfing through the /13 profiles and is the same. I'm scared to load the Carr ones!!!! 8o

    "Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music" Serghei Rachmaninoff

  • Managed to get to the Evil Robot....and I'm stuck again. :D

    What pedal is the bee? Honey Bee, BeeBuzz, Super Bee, Queen Bee....? With the lead Booster in front it sounds glorious.. 8o :P

    "Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music" Serghei Rachmaninoff

  • I've bought :

    Blackstar Artisan 15
    Bogner Goldfinger
    Caroll-Ann OD2
    Divided by 13 FRT37
    Diezel VH4
    Fender Champ 64
    Fender Bassman Head
    Fender Twin
    HiWatt DR103
    Marshall 1987x
    Marshall JCM800 Hot Mod
    Matchless HC-30
    Orange RockerVerb
    ToneKing Falcon
    Tone King Imperial
    TwoRock 35 Pro
    Vox Topboost 66

    All of them....KILLER! Now i can delete all the crap i've downloaded from the rig exchange...maybe save a couple, i might also keep a few of the factory rigs .I won't bother about any more profiles for a while....well,at least until and44's pack 3 will come out :) .

  • Hi all

    Just wanted to say that I have been busy with Andys profiles for a few weeks now, and there is no doubt they are the most alive and consistent profiles out there, with some amazing amps

    I know there a bunch of individual profiles out there which are also great, but the sheer volume and breadth of his is staggering

    I was of course tongue in cheek at the beginning, but since the ability to nail a great amp and make a great profile is clearly a skill, I would suggest he is one of the best in the world at this game, along with some others of course, but its a small club

    roll on with the next packs Andy, i cannot wait, and those extra special vintage ones sound like a fantastic idea