Rig Manager Sucks

  • Is it that hard to create a drag and drop function that actually works?

    The rig manager is so glitchy it's barely usable. Not only that but sync glitches between the profiler and manager can delete entire rigs and performances wasting hours.

    Copy paste issues.

    Random crashes.

    More copy paste issues.

    It looks disgusting.

    It's clunky to navigate.

    Seems like every single function was designed to be as unintuitive as is possible.

    Can we get a sane person to overhaul everything about the user interface?

  • Is RM perfect? Eh, NO.

    Is it totally crap? Absolutely NOT.

    It does a great job of most things for most of us. Layout and looks are quite personal. I would probably change some things about the layout and functionality but as far as looks go I actually like it.

    Is there room for development and improvement? Of course there is. Fortunately, the team at Kemper are really committed to their product and are constantly trying to improve it. When people make clear and sensible suggestions that might benefit the user base they tend to implement them as quickly as possible.

  • That's kind of harsh.

    I'm starting to think the problem is me. I hear all these people putting down Kemper and its software. To me this is the coolest thing I have ever owned.

    Its simple straight to the point and sounds like a mother.... You get the point, I don't want to swear.

  • The rig manager is so glitchy it's barely usable. Not only that but sync glitches between the profiler and manager can delete entire rigs and performances wasting hours.

    Dood, calm down...

    I use RM quite a lot and I haven't experienced glitches that make it barely usable. Most would agree. You are the outlier in this regard. If you are using the latest version and have a stable USB connection, then PEBKAC.

  • I've only had two Kemper crashes in 2 years. Both were related to saving a modded profile from RM. I assume the file got corrupted. No big deal. RM is a blessing and saves bookoo amount of time tweaking.

    The more you find what Kemper can do then the harder you try to find what it cannot do -- like make a good cup of Frappuccino.

  • No major problems with Rig Manager here. I will say this though... With software, there are a lot of factors at play and if your computer has issues, they can trickle into other software such as Rig Manager. So, as others have mentioned why not ask questions rather than just complaining. We might be able to help you.

  • It's a poor craftsman that blames his tools.

    There's nothing wrong with Rig Manager. There are those who are too dumb too figure it out how to set it up and use it though. If that's too complicated they probably suck at a lot of things.

    excuse my harshness but I can't stand whiners

  • I have an older laptop that originally ran Windows 7 from years ago and I upgraded it to Windows 10, always had connection issues, lockups, quirks even when I updated RM. In my studio I have a newer computer was on Windows 10 and upgraded to Windows, 11, I have zero issues with RM. No lockups, have not lost connection, can drag and drop works great on the same Kemper. Even upgrades are smoother and never crashes any longer. I can tell you RM is not the issue.

    I use to edit my Kemper from the Kemper itself even when RM had the editor and one day decided to use the editor, it works exactly like Kemper did, don't understand how its clunky to navigate, all the same navigation. I would say spend more time getting to know the Kemper, you need to edit the same way on the unit or on the computer, I just find it much easier on the computer.

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