Profiles for pedal steel

  • Hi friends!

    I just recently started playing pedal steel and have been experimenting using my Kemper with it. I was wondering if there were other pedal steel Kemper players out there, and if they had any suggested rigs they like?

    I'm mostly using Michael Britt stuff with it at the moment, Twins and 65 Deluxe Reverbs, etc. Would love to find something unique like a Milkman or even a Peavey Nashville 100 profiled specifically for pedal steel use. Also would like advice on using the Mission expression pedal as a volume pedal with it, how you set your sweep, etc.



  • I use the Evans profiles on the rig exchange for lap steel. I found that most profiles, even the clean ones, were not clean enough. I prefer very clean, shimmering tones and the Evans work well for me.

    I use an analog DeArmond volume pedal in front of the Kemper, so can't help you there.

  • Thanks lbieber! I found some Peavey Nashville's on the Rig Exchange I'm going to try out, I'll look for the Evan's too.

    Yeah, that was my main thing about the volume pedal... wondering if anyone's figured out how to get the sweep right, or if you just use a normal analog one in front. Thanks for the response!