Fine tuning and more precision for parameters

  • Hi !

    I am struck with the ring modulator , since I can not adjust a rotovibe sim I did, as fine as I would like.

    I would really appreciate going to 47% to 47.1% or even 47.01% for the stomp parameters , just by holding a dedicated button down for fine tuning.

    I hope this is clear enough to understand ?



  • The Ring Modulator would never create a Rotovibe sound.
    That is better done with a phaser or flanger.

    Or with the ck rotary speaker profile ;)

    Seriously: The original Univibe - which that Rotovibe borrowed from - was meant to be a Leslie simulation although effectively was a phaser. I have much fun when substituting it with a simulation of the real thing - a leslie that is. And your rotary speaker simulation in the Kemper is the best on the market IMHO.

    I would like to see a Univibe simulation in the Kemper regardless. That lightbulb driven circuit just sounds like no other phaser on the market.