What steps are being taken to keep the scammer from spamming the forum?

  • So far their approach is as expected, reactive only. Other boards make creating an account the checkpoint for spammers, and I am surprised as this forum was originally using restrictions to only allow access to real owners. Maybe spammers all buy Kempers???

    So constructive.

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  • Guys, you can't prevent crime. Not even Tom Cruise could according to his Minority Report. :huh:

    In the past, you could ban ISP's from accessing forums but spammers use ISP spoofers now. One thing that might help is to limit the numbers of characters a new user could put in the title and content, and only allow 1 post in 24hrs. You will still get spammed but at least the spammer will be limited to what they post. But this could hamper a first time user asking a detailed question about his profiler. So again, not much you can do except report it and ignore the content.

    The more you find what Kemper can do then the harder you try to find what it cannot do -- like make a good cup of Frappuccino.

  • Nothing is foolproof, but there are steps that Kemper can take to minimize the risk during the account creation process.

    One way would be to strengthen the account verification process with a more rigorous review of new accounts like they do for the owner’s section and perhaps institute a probation period that would limit the number of posts a newly created account can create while the account is in the probation period.