Tone Challenge -Kemper Profile for one of the best guitar solo ever made

  • Can anybody do this sound on Kemper ????
    (btw , this one of the best guitar solo ever made , I don't know any guitarist who manage to play with such a feeling in vibrato and feedback
    I hope this song will touch you , even its maybe a little bit too "ethno" for Western ears...get it loud ,anyway )

    I hope it is possible , so any advice from advanced users regarding profile /amp/effects/cab/...set up... any advice will be very appreciated .
    Original track was done about 40 years a go , on Fender guitar , Marshall amp and some pedals, don't exactly know which ones.....

    It was a time when Gods still used to walk on Earth , and when Page and Blackmore were on the top on the World .
    Steve Vai, Satriani, Paul Gilbert , Yngwie name it , were still kids ,playing in the backyard...

    Thanks a million !

    Tom Andersons guitars >Kemper>QSC's and/or JP Le Roux amp and Mesa Cab

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