Profiler Remote Not Functioning Properly

  • I updated the the latest operating system tonight.

    My remote powers up but when I try to shift up and down between rigs it goes straight to the last rig in my profiler and will not move from that when I press the pedals. Only the tuner looper and effect group buttons work, buttons 1-5 also do nothing. I have contacted Kemper Support but wonder if anyone has experienced this also on this update or previous?

  • Are you in Browser Mode or Performance Mode?

    If in Browser Mode, perhaps you have just selected an empty View e.g. Just Acoustic instead of All Rigs. If there are no Acoustic Rigs in your browse pool the foot buttons "navigate" through an empty pool and you are stuck with the last Rig loaded.

    In Browser Mode the buttons for Up and Down plus the five Rig Buttons navigate throught the View and Sorting that you have selected with soft buttons 1 and 2.