Mac USB Aux backing track + Master Signal on top --> back into Mac by USB???

  • Hi Kemper-swarm,

    I was brave enough to go with the actual beta (RM 3.4.29 + Kemper-OS 9.0.2....) as my Power Rack is for home usage only. To play along with some YT backing tracks and other songs and record some ideas from time to time as well, I have a Focusrite interface installed next to the Profiler and my Mac. With the Kemper's new USB feature I would be more than happy to move the interface to a different room and get rid of some cables at the same time... :)

    Using the Kemper as audio output on the Mac really works quite well now, but I am missing the chance to record the backing track audio plus the guitar combined back into Garageband by using USB only. This was possible beforehand by using the right interface routing. I tested all the "Rec. Source" options in the Output:USB section already but this doesn't seem the right approach to it. Any ideas how to get this way of recording back w/o bringing the interface into play again would be highly appreciated!

    One smaller thing with the update: If a backing track is already playing by USB into Profiler and RM is started at the same time there are lots of noisy artefacts hearable during RM startup, perhaps due to intense communication between Profiler and RM. But this might also be a problem of my Macbook Pro becoming a bit old (2005 i5 running 12.6.5), so I need to check with more recent hardware during the next days.

    Many thanks & rock on!