Perform slot keeps resetting

  • Greetings, Kemper World.

    I just got a new (to me) Profiler yesterday along with a Remote. It sounds great (much better than my Helix LT, I think) using it solely for bass.

    I am having a strange issue with Performance mode, though.

    I've set up a couple of Performance thingies (not sure what they're called) and at random intervals, the first slot on the Performance keeps resetting to the Crunch rig once I switch to a different slot and back again. Going between any of the other slots is fine. It's just that sometimes when I switch to another slot and then back to slot 1, it goes back to Crunch. The slot name stays the same as it was when I saved it, but the actual rig goes to Crunch.

    I've made sure to save the Performance, and as I said, going between any of the other slots is fine. Once this happens, I need to reassign the slot 1 back to the rig I want in it, and it's getting a bit annoying having to continually do that. I just noticed that from the last time I used it, I hadn't switched from slot 1, and when I just booted up the Profiler, the slot 1 rig was still the correct one, so it survives a power cycle, but not a slot change.

    Has anyone else experienced this, and if so, is there a solution? At this point I'm just going to treat Performances as only having 4 slots.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  • it's getting a bit annoying having to continually do that

    The great Albert Einstein is reported to have said: insanity is making the same mistakes and expecting different results.”

    Asuming that you are using Rig Manager, make sure you know what is selected and you are saving :

    So a PROFILER needs to be connected, in Performance Mode, and the destination Performance needs to show at the PROFILER display as well as be marked with a headphones icon in the Rig Manager Performance list. This limitation makes sure, that you can hear what you assemble and the Rig you paste is always in focus of the Editor. Consequntly storing the edited Performance is consistently performed via the Store buttons at the bottom of the Editor.

    Selecting the Performance (single click) is not sufficient. You need to load it (double click). "Loaded" is where the headphones icon sits.

    Selection is sufficient to move items or edit tags. Changes become immediately permanent as soon as Enter is pressed. Even multiple items can be selected.

    Loading allows only one item at a time. This is what the Editor is referring to. If you edit e.g. increase Gain the corresponding line in the list changes color from green to red. The same applies if you paste a Rig into a Slot of a loaded Performance. Here explicit storing is required to make modifications stick - like in the hardware. This mode of operation refects loading, editing, and storing of the hardware.

    Both, selection and loading can coesist. You can select Performance 3,4,and 5 and copy and paste these into the Local Libary or change their names in one go, while Performance 17 is loaded. Keep that in mind. There is a value in having both modes. However, in this scenario you can only copy & paste or drag & drop Rigs into the Slots of Performance 17.

    Perhaps it helps to compare Rig Manager selection via single click to typical file manager operations on a PC: moving single or multiple objects, copy & paste, changing file names or file attributes. Dropping, pasting or pressing Enter makes such changes immediately permanent.

    But in order to change the content of a Word-file you need to load it in Word. Normally, an explicit store is required at the end to make edits stick. Without storing edits get withdrawn. This is how the PROFILER hardware works. You load one object at a time, edit and then store or leave without storing. And the Editor with its Store buttons at the bottom reflects this approach loading single objects via double click.

  • Are you storing the whole performance when you store and are you storing from the unit or RM. I usually store whole performance on the unit after making changes and i have not had that problem. Maybe worth a go?

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  • Perhaps there is confusion which Performance you really edit and store. If you intend to copy&paste or drag&drop Rigs into Slots via Rig Manager the Performance needs to be loaded, which means it gets displayed on the PROFILER and its marked by a headphones icon in Rig Manager.

    Also be aware, that if you edit a Slot you need to store the Perofrmance before you change Slot via foot buttons. As soon as you change SLot via Rig Buttons of your Remote former edits get withdrawn. So if you store afterwards, you don't store the edited state.

    That the edited state survives a restart is normal and intended. The edited state can deviate fromt he stored state.