OS 1.5.0 Public Beta available for download

  • Public Beta

    This public beta release addresses several issues and adds new features including selective preset browse and extensive routing options for the output section.

    added: output source selection parameters in Output Section and output presets
    added: Selective Browse of amp, stack, and cabinet
    added: new Control Change #s can be controlled via expression pedal:
    added: copy & paste for text editing
    added: reception of Midi clock does enable tempo

    changed: increased performance on import
    changed: backups do contain the current rig and lockings now
    changed: browse control timeout increased to 4 seconds
    changed: SPDIF improved
    changed: improved Pick parameter

    fixed: after reboot, the MIDI volume gets reset to maximum
    fixed: local presets and selective browse presets can be loaded while sections are locked
    fixed: dialogs are better visible

    Known Issues:

    - Downgrade to some older Firmware (e. g. 1.1.0 Release and 1.1.1 Public Beta) will cause a hang, which can be overcome by a reset of global settings (push and hold the SYSTEM button, while starting the unit). If you need to recover your global settings, please create a backup before you upgrade to 1.5.0 and restore afterwards.
    - After scrolling through MIDI PrgChg#s on page 5/8 of the System menu and selecting another PC# without assigning it, no PC# will get displayed on the main screen. However the original PC# is still functional.
    - When changing filter or sort criteria the Midi PC# of the actual rig disappears from the display, but the PC # is still functional.

    Download the latest version here: http://www.kemper-amps.com/start