• Format it with your computer first. Most USB Flash Drives come with special formatting and security software for PC use. Re-Format the Flash drive on the PC to "purify" it and get rid of the special software, etc. After that let the KPA format it again. Then return to your PC and copy the upgrade files to the Flash Drive....then back to the KPA and perform the upgrade.

    musicman, how do i format usb w/computer ? i would really like to get the update done this wk/end, thanks to all for you replies..roger

  • I can only answer for PC users. I don't use a Mac.

    1. Insert the USB flash drive in your PC's USB port. Wait for it to configure.

    2. Locate your My Computer icon and double click it. Find the icon with its associated drive letter and right click on it the bring up a menu.

    3. Select Format and take all the default settings in the window that appears.

    4. Click OK (or whatever button does it).to format it.


  • musicman, thank you, i have just done this but , but cant seem to copy the kaos bin into OS..

  • this is what i have found, but for the life of me , i can not get the kaos bin into O/S folder.

    Updating the operating system
    Please perform the following simple steps to update your KPA to a newer operating system:
    You will need to use an
    USB stick in order to transfer the files from your Mac or PC to the KPA for the first time. When you connect a USB stick for the first time, the KPA will format it to ensure maximum reliability.
    The next step is to download the latest operating system. Updates are free of charge and can be downloaded from the following URL:

    Expand the downloaded .zip archive and search for the update file called "kaos.bin" inside. Copy the file into the "OS Update" folder on the pre-formatted USB stick using your Mac or PC. Next, unmount the USB stick from your computer and plug it into the KPA. Follow the on screen instructions which will appear after a couple of seconds.

  • So you format the USB stick with you computer and eject it by clicking with the right button of the mouse and selecting "eject", you attach in to the kpa and let it format again.
    You get the correct folder structure (with the three folders), then you copy the kaos.bin file (after having unzipped the archive) into the os folder.
    Then you eject the USB stick from your pc (right click with the mouse and select eject), you attach it to the kpa and you don't get anything, right?

  • Have you actually extracted the kaos.bin file (and the others from the Zip file) before you tried to copy it? If you don't, it's possible the copy function won't work.

  • The struggle appears to be a general lack of computer skills. Hey, that's ok. We are here to help! Just hang in there....there are a lot of things to learn that we assume most people know already. If you don't, just keep trying. Its part of using the technology. It gets easy as you learn.