SPDIF and Master volume?

  • Hello,

    Just starting playing with the SPDIF out and I'm finding that it seems to bypass the master volume. I couldn't find any settings that seem to control this so I'm guessing it's intended to work this way?

    I'm just trying to connect the Kemper SPDIF to a VStudio 100 since there are very limited channels. But losing the master volume would make it a bit of a problem, so I'd probably end up having to go with the main stereo outs to analog channels.

    if intended to work this way, can I suggest this as a future enhancement?

  • It was set like this a few FW versions ago (before was on Master), can you not adjust it from DAW?

    Edit: The Vstudio 100 has volume control for coax on the front panel.....

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  • Yes, I know I can control it from the VStudio, but for my purpose that wouldn't work as well. The VStudio will not be at arms length where the Kemper will be right there.

    I could also just use the Kemper volume control instead of the Master volume (volume and all other control seems normal), or I could just use the analog outs. But I just couldn't quite see why the Master volume would be bypassed, and I was wondering if this is possibly a bug. Or if intended, I was curious as to why that bypass would be necessary.