Behringer Truth b2031a

  • Hello,

    I have no experience with FRFR system yet. The Behringer are cheap solution to integrate with Kemper. Are they loud enough to play with drummer. Is sound quality of Truth's ok?

  • those are nrear-field studio-monitors, so they are built for homestudio-use where they are placed not more than a meter (rather less) from you

    so no, nothing for a band rehearsal imho

    sound quality for home-studio use is ok, given the price

  • I have two pairs at home, that I enjoy for most uses : synthesizer output, either direct or with a mixing table, quadriphonic listening, and of course with the Kemper. They can be quite loud.
    They are nice for close listening, but they are also quite correct from some distance. I have used them (the 4 of them) for very small stages (30/40 people), at a distance from 5 to 10 meters from the public, and they are OK. However, the real problem, I'd say, is the exposed speaker, and you have to be very cautious in the way you move them (I know that!).
    So you may wish to try rather some real PA monitors, which I beleive you will find at a very similar price at Behringer.



  • currently, i'm using kemper with marshall 4x12 and 8008 power amp, but i can't get good result's from this setup. I also tried velocity, but without success. So, i'm going to try FRFR. From what i saw from youtube, the line6 l3t wins, but it isn't cheapest solution.

    Another solution, that i found is atomic reactor active cab, but some people say that has harsh sound, and doesn't work ok on louder settings. But can be found on ebay.
    I don't have chance to test reactor. I play thrash, so i need it mostly for high gain settings. Have anyone good experience with kemper + atomic 50?

  • I have the Behringer 2031a's but I would not consider them roadworthy at all - the wood is peeling off at the edges despite having carefully moved them.

    You might try out Electro Voice
    ELX 112 for a more durable FRFR solution.

  • They are quite heavy and the wood frame is not well constructed. They would not seem road-worthy, but I know of a guy that gigs alot and he swears by the Behringers.
    However, I've had a pair in my home studio for 4+ years and I think they are great!

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  • I love Behringer stuff, because in many cases, they are only what I can afford. :) So far, they never failed on me, but I don't gig that often...

    I have a pair of B2031A for my desktop playing and recording. They sound good and loud, but not designed for gigs. For band rehearsal, Behringers B210D or B212D would do the job fine. I have B210D and it can get quite loud. -Jake

  • Thanks folks,
    I have now so much wider selection. Now i'm also thinking about getting behringer's 2031, for home use. I don't need loudness at home, is then one behringer enough? Is pair needed just for stereo effects?

  • I own a pair and bring one to practice and one to gigs and aim it at the drummer and he loves it,granted it is about 5 feet away pointed directly at him.They are subject to clipping though at or near demanded stage volume, I keep it just below the clipping level and it cuts through well enough (keep in mind he is not a loud drummer) If you did have "Animal" as a drummer in your band, then these would not be suited for you.

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