Ola Englund triple rectifier cab

  • Hello, during the first 3 weeks with Kemper one of the first things I did was to download new profiles of amps and cabs... and I realized that switching different cabs can make sound good almost every rig.
    Up to now one of my favourite cabs is the one by Ola Englund on his triple rectifier profile... Should be a JCM800 cab with SM57 and senheiser mic if I remember well.
    Well, I'm not into metal sounds, but to my ears this cab sounds fantastic with a lot of amp profiles, at any level of gain.
    The last discovery was when I combined this cab to Fender Concert profile by Ok strat.
    I tested it with a les paul keeping the gain very low, I saved a combination of pedals (low gain tube screamer followed by a booster) in front of the amp, tweaked a little the EQ... And it was perfect for me !!
    Very good sounding, both on cleans and distortion ! 8)

  • Yes! It takes a lot of time to try as many combinations of amp/cabs as possible, but it is absolutely worth.

    I also feel I have to thank ALL the people who decided to shares their amp and cab profiles... Tylerhb for instance made a fantastic job and his cabs really bring the Kemper amp to a higher level.

    I've never been so happy as now with my guitar sound ! :)