Looking for specific sound: Leslie west (Mountain)

  • Hi, I'd really love to find a setting or a profile on the Kemper (free or even commercial) based on the sound of the great Leslie West.

    I'm not talking about the fuzzy sound of "missisipi queen"... my reference would be the live album "the road goes ever on", in particular the first track "long red". I go crazy for this sound, in my opinion it's THE voice of Les Paul !

    Here is a link with the song:


    The amp used should be a SUNN COLLISEUM, that was basically a PA amp.

    I am aware that good part of this sound is on Leslie's fingers, but maybe some of You could give me some suggestions to get nearer to this sound? That would be my dream came true !!

    Thank You! :)

  • Leslie west's famous guitar sound !!

    The answer is in your question :D . I heard a story about a man walking at NAMM and suddently hearing a monstruous guitar sound like he never heard before , then discovering Leslie West in person on a little cranked mosfet demo combo , without any pedal or anything else. His tone mostly comes from his fingers & bottleneck , and the fact that the amp is fully cranked and also the lespaul Junior with P90 vibe.

    You can achieve this tone with the vintage marshalls fount on the rig exchange I guess (JTM 45 , Bluesbreaker brownie , CREAM JTA 45 ...) as long as you play it loud to get some sustain, feedback. Also try boosting (green screamer & pure booster ..).

    here is a short text I just googled to illustrate :

    Gibson: Mountain made its performance debut in 1969, at Fillmore West. Do you remember much about that?

    LW: Yes, I do. I remember that Albert King’s amplifiers blew, and he
    had to use my amps. It was funny. I was supposed to get these Marshall
    amps, and they didn’t arrive, so Sunn had sent me some amps. I was
    pissed off when I got them because it was actually a Coliseum PA head
    they sent me. I thought, “Shit, what am going to do with this?” I had no
    choice but to use them, but it turned out that they gave me the
    signature sound that I used for years. [Coliseum PA heads] had four
    microphone inputs and a master volume, which sort of turned into what
    amps are now. You could get a particular distortion by plugging in the
    microphones and turning up the master volume. It was a mistake that
    proved to be great. Nobody else knew how I was getting that sound.

    Re: the tone-in-the-fingers part, in a Budda amps interview (and
    other places), Leslie talks about the fact that he couldn’t play fast
    (he only used his first and fourth fingers): “I couldn’t play fast [so] I
    focused on my vibrato and my tone. I used to work every day on the tone
    of the guitar. I wanted [his guitar] to sound like Pavarotti. I wanted
    that tremolo, that vibrato.”

    Do you know anyone else who’s said that they used to work every day – in the ’50s and ’60s – on just TONE?

    Gotta love Leslie.

    Of course, Leslie’s axe of choice back in the day was a Les Paul
    Junior, TV models first. In a House of Blues interview, he said: “To me a
    Les Paul Junior is a tree with a microphone.” And “there’s a hum to it
    [because of the P-90 pickup], but I managed to hide the hum.”

    So that was it: Les Paul Junior (mahogany + P-90), cord, Sunn Coliseum head, Marshall cabs. No fuzz, no effects of any sort.

    And fingers. Fingers full of attitude and conviction."
    I really love this sentence " To me a
    Les Paul Junior is a tree with a microphone. " :P


  • Any profile available of Leslie West talent ? :)

    Thank You for Your comment... I will try with a vintage marshall profile, even if I think that Leslie sound has a smoothness on the top end that I never heard from any marshall

    Fantastic and unique sound anyway !!


    I really love this sentence " To me a

    Les Paul Junior is a tree with a microphone. " :P

    :D This could be my signature from now on !!!