"Presets" vs "Rigs Browsing" to build and store Amps/Sounds (+ Maurizio's Rigs & Presets to download :-))

  • *** NOTE AUGUST 27th 2013 ***
    If you want to look for updated rigs/presets/backup, here is the newest thread:
    "Starting Pack" for Beginners: Maurizio70 RIGs, PRESETs and BACKUP (updated to August 27th 2013)

    Hi Kemper guys, I want to share to you my using of Presets. I already talk on this sharing my latest “public” KPA backup on the following thread: A METHOD for ordering and naming KPA sounds (useful also to compare Amps and Rigs)

    Probably, if you are not a very starting/beginner KPA user, it's not good to install my backup because after you have manually to reinstall all your stuff... So, for who are interested in my way of KPA managing and storing, I created this specific thread with all my PRESETS and RIGS that you can separately and easily choose to import or not.

    In the following links you can download them. To INSTALL the presets, just put them on the Shared USB folder in the same way you already do with the RIGs, all of them are in the standard KPA "kipr" format:
    STACK PRESETS (400 Stack Amps divided in 5 categories: Clean, Crunch, Drive, Lead, Metal)
    CABINET PRESETS (80 Cabs including And44 free and the famous Tills ones, all normalized in volume and with proper naming)
    TONESTACK PRESETS (18 Tonestacks ready to be used to tweak in a rapid way the AMPs tone)
    STOMP PRESETS (80 Stomp presets ordered by Effect Type)
    DELAY and REVERB PRESETS already inside the default KPA, ordered, and with some additions

    Finally this is my actual KPA RIGs collection:

    Now let’s explain some considerations on the using of presets, especially for the STACKs. A RIG consists of a complete Stomps-Amp-Effects chain (and needs 3,8 KB memory space), but a lot of RIGs have only the STACK AMP active. A STACK PRESET have minor memory utilization (2,8 KB... and you know how important is also to save memory after the latest upgrade issues), moreover a STACK preset can be anytime recalled with a simple step.
    Maybe, for someone, can be preferable to use the presets instead of the RIGs to save the PROFILEs, and use the RIG only when he want to tweak the sound to his taste/needs.

    What I’m doing now instead is to work and storage on both sides:
    1) on the PRESETS side I store my main STACK AMPs, ordered by GAIN, with the PURE sound of the AMP PROFILE
    2) on the RIGS side I stored the same AMPs, ordered by FACTORY, and tweaked (low or strongly , depending on the case: at least with Gate Stomp, Noise Gate and little Reverb ON; often with Compressor, Dist Stomp and Equalizer, sometimes with modulation effects)

    In practice, when I want to build a sound, I use one or both of the two following methods:
    a) Search for a RIG between the ones available that match my sound… :S and tweak … :D
    b) Start from a BLANK RIG (that I created with all the buttons OFF but ready to be activated with a simple knob turn), and then searching for STACK/STOMPS/EFFECTS Presets that match my sound :S … and tweak… :D Here you can see a couple of my BLANK RIG

    Finally I will tell you a great TIP that at least work for me. When you are searching for a sound and you are switching between several AMPs (damned ALL good :thumbup: , since we have this incredible KPA !!) but it becomes very difficult to understand which is better ?( , at the end… So, browsing and tweaking between amps, as soon as I see that the sound can match my request I simply save it as a SNAPSHOT. After this first passage I go to a second step, listening to the various snapshots and choose the final one… 8| and tweak… :D;(;(

    Hope to be useful... and PM me for any additional question!


  • once again may I say Mauriziois the greatest, you must have spent so many hours setting all this up and now you are sharing it , you should have a job at Kemper HQ. Thankyou so much from all us beginners who only get an hour a day to play, let alone organise the kemper as you have.
    many thanks Robbymust

  • Maurizio, thanks so much! Question: does your latest backup file include all of this content, or would I need to restore your back up and then also import the content from each of these zips?

    Also have to get around to applying the latest firmware... if we ever get power back. (East coast US, post hurricane Sandy.)

    No, they are different, my latest backup file contains more or less the same amp/presets, but in these latest zip the rigs are more tweaked and selected (for example, I applied the Noise+Gate noise reduction to all the rigs...). The problem is that if you import these zip OVER an exixting backup you will have double copies almost for all the files, so it is not convenient to delete after all the unwanted copies. Let's PM me if you need some particoular question, I'll try to help you in some way...

    Moreover, I updated with the current firmware without any problem.

  • Hey!

    That looks great, but please tell me how to tell my KPA to switch PRESETS (lets say from my own VHT high gain sound to a VOX AC-whatever cleansound) instead of switching RIGS. Same is for storing the sounds. I did'nt get that yet...

    Thanks in advance.


  • Press and hold the componenent that you want to change (Amp, Eq, Cab or Stack) to access the menu and then scroll through the presets using the Browse knob

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  • This deserves a necro bump. What a great post Maurizio!
    Best strater pack ever.

    But, seeing the growing number of great profiles, I have to ask: any chance of an update?

    Thanks! For you to know, maybe someone can catch some ideas... Yes, I made a "big" upgrade on my machine 8).
    The biggest improvement was to have now all the same Amps with same name in the Amp Tag, so that when I order "by Amp" it really works, including the factory profiles...
    I could choose than between two Rig Name convention (both with the correct Amp Tag name!):

    1) based by Amp (but let's say, it is a "replica" of what I can achieve with the "Sort by Amp" feature)
    [Blocked Image: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/56839802/Maurizio%20Rig%20Names%20by%20Amp%202013-07.JPG]

    2) based by Class of Gain: Clean, Crunch, Drive, Lead, Metal
    [Blocked Image: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/56839802/Maurizio%20Rig%20Names%20by%20Gain%202013-07.JPG]

    At the end I preferred this last one... which is a classification different from the ones available already from the KPA. Also, still work in progress, I'm migrating all the specific song related rigs in performance...
    Unfortunately I cannot share my backup as it is now since I have a lot of commercial profiles inside, but if someone is interested I can plan in the next weeks to delete the commercial and share the rest, but I cannot promise nothing nor dates, it's just a matter of time :S I would have 48 hours per day still more than before from when I got the KPA... I know you will understand ;)