With Which power amp system are you using your KPA ?

  • Hello,

    I'm interested in sharing with you which power amp solution are you using with your KPA ? Which amp and also Which cab solution ? As everybody would say that is solution is nice, I would like to have the pros and cons you would mention? Don't forget, the focu is the amp solution not the kemper versus another preamp.

    Personnaly Im currently usind the following mounting:

    Guitar =>Gsystem (insert loop send)=>Kemper=> back in the Gsystem(insert loop return) => Gsystem Left Output=> Loop Return of my H&K switchblade (4xEL34)=>4xV30S Engl cab

    The pros:
    Real tube feeling (dynamics, sustain, ...)
    Can get better sounding on some profiles that the original amp even if I like it also (I bought it)
    The cab sounds great, no awful and uncontrolled bass frequencies

    The cons:
    really reduces sound/grain difference from the different Kemper profiles
    still needs to move this big baby of 35Kg or even more => definitively not a even mid or long term solution
    Tha cab itself adds its colour (no more capability to play wityh cabs

    I foresee to go to Matrix GT1000 fx solution. Didi some of you used such solution ? If yes satified ? what was your previous conf ?

    So a lot of borring questions: really thanks in advance ?

  • I searched an tryed a lot
    PA (HK lukas)
    bass amps (with tweeter and eq for linear sound / tone adjustment)
    keyboardamps (the same)
    and it should be low prisend (waitig for an original kamper produkt)
    but i cant find the reel ampfeeling
    now i use a Fender Frontman R212 (2 of them for stereo and more power) (225,- € at musikiste peine, germany :thumbsup: )
    and i love it
    ampfeeling 80% to my 50W handmade tube amp with 4x10" // marshall jtm 60 with 1x12" vintage 30

    using the PWR IN (fender r212)

    - monitor settings/mainout setting (stereo): bass + 1,9 presence +1,6 -> comparing a fender-rig and the original fendersound

  • I went with a Carvin DCM1000L as a power amp and Mesa Boogie 2x12 slant cabinets. I went with the Carvin based on Power, Tone, Weight, Affordability, Reliability. I had run a Carvin 1500 power amp with an ADA preamp and an Alesis Quadraverb as my main rig back in the 80's. The Carvin was reliable in any/all conditions. I gave the Carvin away to a friend many years ago. When I purchased the KPA I set it up through a Carvin DCM150 that I had in storage. It sounded good but was in danger of not having enough power when I took it into a live band setting. I decided to purchase the higher wattage power amp to allow me to get appropriate stage volume without having to peak anything out. There is a school of thought that says power amps and tube amps should be maxed out to get the best tone. While this works to some end it is also taxing on the life of the equipment. Much of todays technology functions better in a mid gain capacity, loud enough to shake the walls but not peaked to the point that it is redlining any of the gear. I have read great thing about the Matrix power amps and would eventually like to try one but for now:

    Kemper Profiling Amp>Cab Off>Monitor Out
    Carvin DCM1000L
    Mesa Boogie 2x12 Slant Cabs

  • Your pros and cons are right On the money. I myself have both a tube power amp/can setup ( VHT/fryette 2/90/2, deliverance 4x12( as well as a powered monitor solution. For live use, I tend to use the FRFR solution more often, as it it is obviously easier to dial in your "true" tone that is going to the FOH. Which brings me to my only "con" really.my power amp and cab sound so good, that they can make profiles sound drastically different and much better, this not giving a true accurate representation of what is going to the FOH. They make every profile sound amazing really, and as neutral as the power amp is, the cab still obviously colors the tone immensely.

  • I use a 60 watt Tech 21 power engine ( with an added tweeter to get more full range) as a stage monitor and then connect the main to the FOH.

    Pros - that's it easy to move and reproduces everything consistently.

    Cons - still looking

  • Interesting discussion for me, because I've been thinking about alternative solutions for the sound out of the KPA as well. Hopefully this thread gets the attention of hobbyists with limited budgets like me.

    Since I'm not a pro, a high end solution is out of question. A high end set up is considered FRFR speakers for 500€ plus per unit. Another high end solution would be the Camplifier plus the cost for 2 decent 1x12 cabs (also 1000€ +).

    Keeping my various tube amps and cabs after profiling makes no sense and a major sell off is expected from my "better half" to "recover the expenses" for my new toy anyway... :rolleyes:
    So, I thought what can I use of my existing devices: I'll keep my active 100W SS Laney monitor wedge (1x12) for use at home and at gigs. The Kemper goes directly into the FOH board. This made sense for me since in another thread it was recommended to employ 12in speaker.
    Then I've tried my Roland Cube 30 on the other channel, because I wanted to have stereo. Well it worked, but the stereo was kind a out of balance using 2 different SS amps but at least the Roland has a 10in speaker. It sounded ok, not perfect but stereo.
    What worries me, is a backup if the main amp (here the Kemper) fails in a gig solution! A miked active SS Laney speaker will sound terrible! What to use then: old iron Hiwatt with 4x12 cab and keep all my stomp boxes? I liked the idea to travel with light baggage :). So no good. To lug 2 fender 2x12 combos around seems a good idea for home and gig but counter productive as well from a weight point of view.

    So how about 2 units of Roland Cube 30/40 or 60 from "the bay" to get nice stereo at home and if the Kemper "needs new LEDs or so", I can use the miked Roland to play at a gig if I can't borrow a Kemper. One Roland is always as backup on stage. With some additional 100€ investment for another Roland Cube 30 I should be fine!

    Does that makes sense or am I already one step beyond, like: they coming' to take me away, haha, hihi? 8o

    The Labrat

  • To lug 2 fender 2x12 combos around seems a good idea for home and gig but counter productive as well from a weight point of view.

    So how about 2 units of Roland Cube 30/40 or 60 from "the bay" to get nice stereo at home and if the Kemper "needs new LEDs or so", I can use the miked Roland to play at a gig if I can't borrow a Kemper. One Roland is always as backup on stage. With some additional 100€ investment for another Roland Cube 30 I should be fine!

    at home i use 2 Fender
    Frontman 25 R
    , Gitarrencombo, 25 Watt, 8 Ohm, 10" Speaker //
    half the weight of the 212R
    new 109,- EUR
    for backup i use my VOX Tonelab SE,
    so the 25R useable cleansound (AUX IN / or cleanchannel) is the best for me (an my limited budget) ->->->

    not modeling amp (Kemper) powered with modeling amp (Roland)

    if its possible try the 25R´s and look for a backup modeling-device like:

    Zoom Multi Stomp MS-50G - 99,- EUR

    Vox StompLab I Guitar - 75,- EUR

  • My Sound: KPA -> Monitor Out -> Matrix GT1000 -> Marshall 1960A or Hughes & Kettner GL212
    FOH: KPA -> Main Out -> PA

    I tried FRFR and in-ears many times but I just have more fun with a cab that's pushing air :)

    MJT Strats / PRS Guitars / Many DIY Guitars -- Kemper Profiler Rack / Kemper Remote / InEar

  • I'm running KPA - Matrix GT1500FXBD - 2 x Matrix CFR12. I also have the option of running to my 2x12 or 4x12 guitar cabs depending on the situation.


    Flexible (FRFR, Amp/Cab or both at the same time Options)
    Sounds Awesome


    None that I can think of off the top of my head


  • you can hardly get a a more direct and clean signal out of an amp!
    Kemper-->FX return of JC120-->joy beyond belief.
    have not tried other setups so I don't have a basis to compare to but holy shit...
    am I the first to do this?

  • You forgot something in the Pros :D:D:D

  • Yeah, I have just KPA to poweramp to real cab. I havent never yet heard a better combination than real tubeamp and guitar cab in the end of the signal chain.
    I tried Matrix FX 800FX but it wasnt even close that feeling to play as Mesa 20/20 or VHT 2/50/20 as a poweramp -so I sold it away.

  • Just picked up a divided by 13 2x12 cab (color scheme exactly matches the kemper, most important consideration : ) ) it has 2 25 watt celestion greenbacks and 8 ohm connection. Can someone give me some options for power amps i should be looking at ? I'm not sure how much power i would need for such an application. I assume its not as simple as 2x 25 watt speakers so i need 50 watts power. I have played drums for 20 years but newbie on guitar so sorry if this is a stupid question : )

  • how are the matrix cfr12? im considering one. i already have the gm50, will it fit inside the cab?

  • Where can I purchase the Matrix GT1000 fx a the best price?


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  • KPA send -> pedalboard (the last one is Timeline)->JC120 stereo return, and SPDIF to PC in same time. couldn't be happier. and in this way I still can enjoy real stereo and JC120's famous chorus.
    the greatest is, I don't have to turn off cab simulation of KPA, it sounds so real and good on JC120 :thumbsup: