• Hi a'body from the Scottish Borders.

    Just bitten the bullet and acquired my very own KPA - my wallet is now considerably lighter but happier. I've been looking for something like this for ages - sick of lugging around 4x12 cabs and heavy racks full of valves and power supplies. I've been using a VG99 for a while but while I could live with the amp models - after a bit of tweaking I got decent recto model which Joe Public wouldn't be able to tell the difference - but they were like night and day on the rare occasion when I plugged back into my triaxis and 2:90.

    I borrowed a KPA from a mate last week and was so impressed that I went out and bought my own at the weekend and now just have to sort out which of the vast number of profiles I like best. I'll be using the KPA through a Bose L1 via T1 tonematch and it sounds absolutely amazing. I just need to work out how to wire the KPA together with the VG99 and midi via FC300 (along with a GR55 just to complicate matters) so any advice would be welcome.

    I'll be ploughing through the vast amount of info on here and soaking up the considerable combined knowledge from everyone. I feel a bit out of my depth with some of the threads but hopefully I'll catch on as I start to use this thing of beauty.

    I love the thought that in this small box of circuits we have access to almost any amp on the planet along with loads of great effects. Can't believe how versatile, quiet and controllable this thing is compared to the hiss, buzz, squealing and necessity to be loud that I'm used to!

    Here's to sonic nirvana!!


  • Hi and welcome! Few people here makes this thing with GR55 or VG 99 (BTW, why both? Is not redundant?) and they will chime in. For anything else (I'm not a synth guy) just shout. :D

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  • Hi and welcome! Few people here makes this thing with GR55 or VG 99 (BTW, why both? Is not redundant?) and they will chime in. For anything else (I'm not a synth guy) just shout. :D

    I use the GR55 for synth only as I don't like the silent lag between patch changes, I also like to use both channels of the VG99 at times for distorted guitar mixed with a clean or acoustic guitar. Also for mixing 12 string acoustic with clean electric and I use the harmoniser as well with my normal guitar on one channel and the harmony split on the other with no direct sound only the harmony with a different guitar and amp model and pickup setting so hopefully it sounds like 2 different guitarists playing the harmonies.

    I had hoped to send a left signal to the KPA for my main guitar and a right signal to the tonematch/L1 as normal for the acoustics harmonies etc. If anyone can suggest a simpler set up I'm all ears. I seem to spend a lot of time tap dancing on pedal boards!!

    Having said that the KPA I borrowed had some VG99 acoustic profiles already on it (Bill Ruppert VG99 genius - I know the name from lurking on the vguitarforums) and when I played this using the Piezo pickup on my JP6 it sounded great so the potential here is unbelievable - far more than I expected!

    I'm not even a semi-professional muso and do this for a (expensive) hobby so I'm looking forward to finding out how best to use all this cos I think I'll be well chuffed with the sound (without having to break my back carrying it) from what I've heard already. At the end of the day as long as the punters who come along to see me and my classic rock covers band churn out a few tunes in the local pubs like how it sounds and can't tell the difference between the KPA and my old amp then I'll be happy!

  • Welcome! :thumbup:

    I was using mine with a Bose L1 also, but switched to a Mackie mixer with two RCF ART310A's. For me it sounds better (stereo) and saved me quite a bit of money. Of course, YMMV.

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