Thank you Viabcroce

  • I sincerely appreciate your very hard work in putting together the Kemper "Wiki". It is a wealth of knowledge and any new Kemper owner out there should get it for reference. Unfortunately I cant find the link to the original post. I was getting ready to post a question on the forum today and thought I would look through it to see if I could find the answer. I did. Just incredibly useful information in this thing. So I just wanted to shoot a post saying thanks again. Your efforts are very much appreciated! :thumbsup:

    Sorry for the double post. I posted this in the private section. I did not know Viabcroce did not have a Kemper. Which makes his time spent on the wiki even more impressive.

  • Guys, I strongly believe that Zappledan will eventually be the one who sells me a KPA... just because he won't be able to stand me not owning one any longer LOL

    @ Jeff: thanks for the appreciation, I'm glad you like the wiKPA and find it useful!
    Probably just a language barrier here, but it's not clear to me whether the link you're missing is the one to the wiKPA thread. In case, here it is X)

    On a serious note: I believe the KPA is spectacular, and possibly what I've been waiting for since years. What I'm doing is just what I do for every piece of hardware I like and (plan to) own: collecting information and making them systematic. X)
    When I started seeing the same questions done time after time, I thought making the document available would make (clean) sense ;D

    Now I believe the wiKPA has started acquiring a sense on its own, because starting making one from scratch now would be a PITA for anyone, me included!


    EDIT: Jeff, just read your thread in the private forum: I appreciate your kindness in doubling the post here, so that I could chime in. Thanks for this as well :thumbsup: