LOL, this is below LOW... even for Cliff

  • Sweet! How heavy is that thing?

    It is on the heavy side for sure! Less than my ES335 but still... But it doesn't bother me much, maybe it's one of the reasons why you get this fat organic tone from it. The neck is a masterpiece IMO!

    Think the Scoefield guitar with solid body and much hotter HB's.

  • Hi All,

    this is my first post and have been doing some research as I am very interested in the KPA. It seems negative reviews only really come from one camp. And speaking of camps, I currently own an AXE FX II and am really close to making the switch. The rack version is awesome and i dont find myself using many effects. The ones I do use, the Kemper already has them. The reason for this decision comes as i patiently wait(6 months or so) for AXE Edit to come out and have gotten tired of how FA treats their customers with brainwashing and bashing other companies in a political way of course. I read a lot of threads on The Gear Page and it seems every time someone posts a negative comment on the AXE,a specific moderator always has to interject. This moderator of course uses very often the phrase, in some form or other "Last i looked it was only gear. Not religion." see above. Yes i mean you Scott Peterson. To me it's blatantly obvious what's going on here. And how low can a moderator get to troll on other forum, and ban people(non AXE fanboys) on his own forum. 12 posts really. This is not a court of law so I don't need absolute proof, just my gut instinct will suffice. Thanks for making my decision clear Scott.

    Anyone looking to buy an AXE FX II?
    This is a discussion, not a debate with winners or losers.

    Gear isn't a badge or religion. It's.... gear. [Blocked Image:] [Blocked Image:]


    --- Scott Peterson…read.php?t=1037350&page=2
    Seems it is par for the course if you
    'enrage' any of the user groups any more. Nothing new, nothing novel
    about it. At the same time, let's not play into the stereotypes and make
    that the topic of conversation.

    Of course it is silly to get 'hate mail' for doing a video, there is NO excuse for it. But let's not demonize all owners
    of Fractal gear because some fool posted something or sent a juvenile
    email. 99.999% of Fractal owners do not and would not do that; so don't
    buy the stereotype or characterize all Fractal owners in that way.

    People acting the fool need to be called for acting the fool. Not 'grouped' because they own this box or another.

    It's all silly. All the 'vs.' pitting owner groups really needs to get over itself; it is just gear, not religion.


    --- Scott Peterson

    and theres more, just search
    "the gear page scott peterson kemper gear religion" in google before Scott changes them most likely.

  • I sadly have to agree with Lightbox ( ;(:D ), regardless if you're right or not this is not the better way to start your participation here. The discussion is Kemper related, is not the London screaming corner...

    "Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music" Serghei Rachmaninoff

  • You guys are right. Was just adding my 2 cents on this thread. I do like the atmosphere on this forum as i have been trying to get as much info on the kemper as possible. I'll try and demo the unit in a few days and if the profiles sound as good as everyone says, I'll make the switch.


  • The best way to make any decision about gear
    is to make it without emotion and with a clear understanding
    of your own personal needs.

    Don't let the personality of others do anything but aid you in that musical journey.

  • It was the Axe-fx that led me to the Kemper.

    I wanted to love the AXE-FX it just never happened. It was the AXE-FX forum that led me to the Kemper!

    I've owed the kemper now for a year and have sold all my vintage tube amps!

    67 marshall 50w plexi
    66 Deluxe reverb

    And many more. That is how much I love my kemper.

  • A wise guys from TGP made a sticky thread where he asks people the own an Axe or a KPA to kindly stay away from personel attacks and talk about the gear only. It is called Gear page not Bashing page. The ones who attack personally put themselves in a bad light as well, don't you forget that please?

  • nope :rolleyes:
    I tried it (axe) for about 76,3 seconds , and said on my fluid English :" No, thanks I am fine,but could you please give me 2 kg of that nice fresh Kemper , take away style ! "


    Tom Andersons guitars >Kemper>QSC's and/or JP Le Roux amp and Mesa Cab

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