• Did a better A/B. Except for the chest thumping of the amp, well, I AM amazed at how well it captured this amp on this setting. Wow.

    Fender Telecaster (Vintage '52) on the middle position, Alnico V pickups

    2 chains that go into a Y shaped XLR chord into the Kemper.

    Mic -> Preamp - > Cable -> Kemper
    1) SM57 @ 12" or 0.3M from front Grill -> Chameleon 7602 II (no transformer upgrade) -> Y shaped XLR
    2) Fat Head II with Lundahl Transformer upgrade @ 3' or 1M in front - > UA LA610 -> Y shaped XLR

    V2.2 is "Crunch"

    Tweak to suit and re-upload if you want.

  • I WOULD appreciate it if Kemper owners would download my rigs (there's only 2) and COMMENT on them.

    Good or Bad. What do you like, what don't you like. How could it be improved? (even if it's just the naming convention)

    I can handle brutal honesty. If it "sucks" tell me exactly WHY and WHAT you think would improve it.
    That said, if you think a Swart should sound like a Bogner and that's your beef, then stay silent! ;)

    I know this about the two rigs:
    1) They have really good crunch, which as V2.0 they are meant to be (my favorite amp setting)
    2) I could yet get a more distinct clean, that will be V1.0, etc.
    3) They sound just like my recording on the same setting to my ears.
    4) They don't distort well with turning up the gain more than a few clicks, but they aren't profiled there (my signal may be initially too strong? Don't know)

    TIA for the comments and help.

  • Hey db9091,
    I haven't downloaded many user profiles so don't have much to compare to other than the preset, rig packs and some of Andy's amazing bundles. That said, I was keeping an eye out for a Tungsten Crema Wheat profile. I've been in love with this amp every since I saw this youtube video
    Of the 3 profiles you posted, I like V2 the best but was hoping to hear some of the dynamic range as per the video above. Again, I've never played a Crema Wheat so ... ;)
    Thanks for uploading.

  • On that particular amp setting, it sounds just like the Tungsten Crema Wheat. I had one volume at 3 and the other at 2 and both channels hooked up a la Neil Young if you know what I mean.

    Kemper is good at a profile. But so far, the Kemper gain does not mimic the Tungsten gain, so I will have to do more profiles.

    Remember, the Kemper is incapable of being your whole amp, only profiling snapshots of it.

    That said, Greg V is the best thing that ever happened to any amp he play's manufacturer!

    I bought the Crema Wheat after hearing it in Fat Sounds in Cary, NC. I just HAD to have it, and now it's my favorite amp, bar none. Every setting is usable.

    BTW, you will not get the Greg V sound on even MY profile if you don't use a guitar similar to his Norcaster. I used my Vintage 52 and it's similar, but I'm sure my pickups are different. So when I "refined" the profile using it, that may make your guitar not sound similar through it, as all good amp (and in this case, profiles) SHOULD do!

    Anyone know what pickups are in a Norcaster? Mine are Alnico V's which they stopped putting in 52 RI in 1998 in favor of a truer to vintage Alnico III, or so I read...