Low Gain Mesa Boogie - Subway Blues - My last profiles the 'terminus tele session' before amp is sold

  • Hi,

    I've been busy profiling my mesa boogie - Subway blues last evenings, I plan to sell it, I could'nt let it go without profiling it extensively, and with the help of a sans amp GT2 & AMT SS11 tube preamp (they will be sold too).

    This a full tube single channel amp, no gain here , the middle knob allows you to get some slight overdrive, but you won't get any metal tone out of it. What you have is basically a warm, rich sound with lots of basses, lead tones have the typical boogie tightness, maybe a little boxi. Too bad I couldn't profile the internal beautiful spring verb..

    Having no mikes I had to use the direct recording output and I switched the internal black shadow speaker off ( silent recording switch , this is great). I went thru several free cabs from the kemper community, and the conford harlequin was the closest to the original natural amp sound. I profiled a first run for Humbucker les paul likes and then i went to single coils (tele). I used both inputs (bright for HB and fat for SC).

    The range of profile goes to clean, jazzy ,crunch and lead tones. Raw boogie ones then with the GT2 & AMT.I really like the variety of tone i could get with a single channel, this amp can do lots of stuff.

    My favorite is Sub12, crunchy & very full. please give a try to - Sub1 the jazzy one - with a neck pickup it's great, very sweet & warm. Here are some clips made with 3 profiles

    here is the amp during profiling session (fully cranked for Sub3 profile :D )

    [Blocked Image: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-AGHKuphnrI4/URQjdVubTDI/AAAAAAAAAHU/Oaz8Spmxb24/s1600/boogie.JPG]

    Hope you enjoy it, for interested folks I have a 12 rig pack with lots of different tones from the amp or pedals + amp.


  • Hi Waraba - these profiles sound great ! :thumbsup:
    I would be interested in your pack with the variations of course !

    I found out that some sounds are much better with certain guitars and so it can be that a variation fits more than another ...

  • Hi guys, glad you enjoy them.

    You're right some of those profile really shine with low output pick-ups, the jazzy for instance was specifically profiled for a vintage Humbucker , neck pickup. This is mainly due to the two input on the Mesa ( Fat & Bright). , I profiled them with a tele and my old yamaha SG1000.

    here is the full rig pack and another rigs I made a few month ago for the AMT SS11- Be careful the AMT ones are really loud ! I was to lazy to tag them right , but is is a short description :

    Sub5 is a clean tele rig
    Sub6 is a twangy rythm for tele
    Sub7 is a lead tele tone
    Sub8 is a led tele profiled with the Sams samp GT2 (hi gain mesa) in front of the subway
    Sub9 is the same with a GT2 marshall hi gain setting in front of the subway
    Sub10 to Sub 13 are profiled with the AMT SS11 in Front :
    Sub 10 is a rythm tele crunch
    Sub11 is a lead tele crunch
    Sub12 is the one on the rig exchange (rythm tele clean)
    sub13 is also rythm tele clean but with the bright switch engaged (on the AMT)

    Then you have the AMT profiles : Lead , cleans & crunches. The AMT was profiled on a direct way , I choosed the Harlequin as best suited cabs for this preamp.

    If someone finds a good variation in cabs, let me know ! (EDIT : just tried the fantastic BEAT IT plexi cabs with is , sounds great & highly dynamic :) )


  • Hi boogie lovers !

    I will sell my Mesa Boogie Subway blues Tomorrow, I couldn't resist doing a few last profiles from this beautiful amp. I just had time to do 5 more profiles , with a SM57 this time, before my neighbors knocked on my door to stop this nightmare & UFO noises :whistling:

    I profiled the whole session with a simple telecaster, and I was aiming for clean & pushed rigs, with a hint of drive, close to breakup.

    here is the list :

    Clean jazz setting <<< ---- Here is the star , shines on Tele, strat & even LP
    Clean rhytm setting
    Pushed setting
    Pushed setting with ++ mids
    Cranked rhythm & lead ( not as goos as I wanted, but no time :( --- Here is the worst !!! I only keep it for the purpose of having a high gain stack for future tweaking

    IMO the clean are very good pictures of the actual amp (bassy , dynamic & warm ) , and I will probably use them a lot on my recordings. Most of them were untweaked , so adjust to your taste and enjoy .

    Didn't have any time to try them with & strat or Les Paul , don't know how it will turn on those ?(