First Post and Profiles! Peavey Rock Master Preamp

  • Be gentle, first post here. Had the Kemper for a few weeks now and so far so good. There are some amazing sounds you can get out of the unit. Finally decided to profile my Peavey Rock Master Preamp. Posted two profiles up on the exchange; one for the Crunch Channel (titled ROCKMSTR CRNH PRE) and the other for the Ultra Channel (titled ROCKMSTR ULTRA PRE). This is just the preamp only profile so feel free to use your favorite cabinets. Hopefully the profiles work for everyone (aka I hope I didn't screw up my first profiles by doing something wrong).


  • This I killer thanks! Haven't tried them yet, but looking forward to it. One of those preamps that just kills and is brutal as hell. What sounds are you going After when profiling? Just curious what tones you are into etc. don't be scared to make more when you get really good at profiling :D

  • Honestly I try to go for a more modern metal sound but usually end up with more classic sound like Metallica, Megadeth with some EVH. The profiles were taken with both channels sorta in the middle on eq settings and gain. When I tried the profiles out last night with some various cabinets I thought the profiles sounded really good. A very 5150ish type of sounds since the preamp is similar to the 5150.