• the profiles you tested are the 15 old ones that he made 10 months ago, he never released the second batch to anyone but db9091 and me.

    @ db9091, as I understand, he asked you to beta test his new profiles?"

    Correct. I've played them through all of my guitars (52 RI Tele, American Strat with SSL-1's, Ernie Ball Axis Sport MM90, Gretsch w/TV Jones, privately made cedar Raeven w/Alternative 8 & Gibson Burstbuckers, etc) to see how well rounded they were and more than half made my Favourites folder.

    BTW, he did release a free Acoustic version a while ago that was the best I've heard before these. The newer ones (there are 3 newer ones) has one that is better, as it's fuller, more real sounding, less piazo tinny, if you know what I mean, which is how most Acoustic profiles sound to me.

    He profiled between Thanksgiving and mid-December.

    I have 113 of them, but I don't think all were meant for final release.

  • Some very nice guitars you have there man :thumbup: