Lexicon PCM 81/91

  • Although the Kemper effects are pretty good I rediscoverd my lexicon PCM 81/91. For studio use I use the 91 to add plate or room and the 81 for tape delays, chorus, pitch shift etc. For me Kemper&81&91 is tone and effects heaven. This trio sounds unbelievable good using headphones (Beyer dynamic dt 770). On stage I keep it simple and then I use the KPA effects. I'm sharing this for all the effects freaks who are not satisfied by the KPA effects and the lack of effects (pitch shifter). Here in Holland you can buy a used PCM 80/81 for € 300-500. In the USA $ 300-500. PCM 81 has very good midi functions such as morphing beween delay and reverb etc. I find this " old" device very impressive in sound quality and possibilities.

  • I'm more in to Lexicon. I also have a mpx g2 that I hardly use although it has a very nice phaser that is lacking on the 81/91. And it has a nice looper so I keep if for that. Perhaps I'll buy a PCM 70 vs 2 if I can find one in good shape and nice price..... :)