Clean Profiles v Distorted Profiles

  • I've had the KPA for awhile now and i love it to bits!

    However, i always have this problem. My KPA is connected to a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and out to HM50s. Keeping Master Volume on the KPA constant and all volumes on the Focusrite constant, using the same guitar, there always seems to be a huge difference in volume between distorted and clean profiles (well, most clean profiles).

    Raising the Clean Sense or the rig Volume or the cab Volume of a clean profile (to match that of a separate distorted) profile would usually clip the signal (shown on the Focusrite 2i2).

    Do you guys experience this? Any tips to match volumes of Clean and Distorted profiles?

  • If you can't set the clean-sense higher - what about lowering the distortion-sense below zero?
    It accomplishes pretty much the same - both clean and distorted rigs at the same volume level and no clipping.

  • the problem here is the higher perceived volume of distorted sound (since they are heavily compressed/limited) versus the higher peak levels of clean sounds: greater dynamic range, transients are not limited and at the same time lower perceived volume.

    clean sounds tend to have most of their energy in the attack, which lasts only a millisecond or so.
    the profiler has a few neat options to dial down the attack:

    - turn up the gain just a bit until the attacks soften/melt
    - use the Pick parameter (obviously in the negative range)
    - use the compressor in the Amplifier section
    - put a Soft Shaper post Stack and use it as a saturator (very low drive setting)

  • Very cool idea with the soft-shaper, Don. Thanks!
    It's a bit hard to get good usage ideas for the stranger ideas within the KPA.

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  • Just use the amp compressor and you will be fine...


    About this Amp Compressor ... I somehow don't have any luck in dialing a good setting on it. Perhaps you may advise the proper way of using it.

    My initial impression is to use this function to compensate the "loudness" of a cleaner tone when I roll down my guitar volume for a gainy amp setting (ie gain around 6 or 7) .. Most time when i roll down the guitar vol, I do not get a cleaner tone, it just simply lower the volume with the "dirt" sounding still pretty prominent. If i were to increase the amp compressor above 5, it sounds awful. I may be missing something here ... What I am trying to achieve here is to able to roll down the volume of my guitar to get a "cleaner" tone when running a gainy amp setting. Any hint?

  • no hint needed, that's how it works. roll down volume and the amp cleans up. works for me from lipstick singlecoils all the way to EMGs.

    do you have a compressor in front?
    what's your distortion sense value / pickups?

    The profile Im using its from the rig exchange: "JP Extreme"
    No compressor in front.. (In fact nothing in front)
    Both Clean/ Dist sense @ 0 value
    However, my noise gate is at value 5
    Amp Comp & Pick at 0 value
    Pickups: D'marzio Evolution
    Gain at 7 btw ...

  • wiKPA'ed :thumbsup: