Bargain KPA controller......maybe

  • i have just been looking up potential foot controllers when i realised that i recently got a zoom b9.1ut at the bargain price of £99 brand new.
    it has full midi capabilities, great build quality including proper metal footswitches and all importantly a solid expression controller with z control too. (standard up/down like a normal pedal + a left right movement that you can lock into place)
    i havent tried it yet but there is no reason why it wouldnt work and to top it off they sound pretty good for bass and have a basic bass pedal synth onboard too. got to be woth a go.
    :?: has anyone else tried one of these as a controller?

  • Haven't tried the Zoom, but pretty much anything MIDI should work. Or am i missing something? ?(

    You can always go hunting for an old ADA MFC-1 on Ebay. They can be had for 40$ if you're persistent, and work like a charm.

    I actually had a battered, non-working one that came with my MP-1 back in the 90's and died on me a decade ago.
    I butchered it for the PCB and built my own DIY foot controller out of stray bits of wooden flooring and some momentary switches. Looks like sh**, but works like a charm -
    and the expression on the soundman's face when i got up on stage and plugged a piece of parquet to a toaster was priceless 8)

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  • I'm using the Zoom G9.2tt. My idea is to use it as a midi pedal and also as a back up. I can control program change, bank up/down for RIG changing. This Zoom multi guitar effect has 3 pedals. I have set 1# as the wha pedal, second pedal i set to #19 (Kemper stomp C), used for boost/dist on/off. Third pedal is set for delay on/off midi number #68. I'm just learning to use midi and I haven't found out how to use all the Zoom's switches as midi send. Good luck/Hans J