Issues with outputs

  • I hooked my Kemper up tonight (havent used it since church this past Sunday) as I was going to record some stuff. Out of nowhere it sounds terrible. Like its out of phase. You know that hollow ish kinda of sound where the bottom end is missing. First checked the sdif setting was correct. It was. So I tired going out the XLRs into my interface to see if it would make a difference. It didnt. So I then did a system reset. No change. So I upgraded to 1.6.1 (was on 1.6.0). Still sounds like crap. Tried different cords. No change. I started to think maybe my strat was screwed up. But then I plugged my headphones into the Kemper headphones jack and boom the sound was what it should be. So I dont understand what is going on and Im completely confused at the moment. I just have it ran spdif into my interface then into a blank track on Pro Tools. Does anyone have any ideas what could be wrong. Sounds great through the headphones jack and terrible through the interface. Ive had it hooked up this way for over a year and not one problem with it.

  • Hi Jeff

    Sounds like you are Monitering and hearing the live sound+Moniter mix from Protools at the same time, this creates a "ghost" sound, and will sound pretty bad, very like you describe.

    Try muting the protools track. see if that sound then goes away, or turn off auto monitoring within protools.

  • Or go to options and set the low latency monitoring to on.

    I'm at work now so this is by head, but i'm pretty sure its called that way. This enables you to only hear the sounds from the interface.

  • No definitely not hearing two sources at once delayed by latency. Im monitoring through Saffire Mix and have the Pro Tools channel muted. This isnt an echo or anything at all like that. Its like its out of phase when the Kemper gets summed to mono. Sounds perfect in the headphones jack. Ive been recording almost nightly with the Kemper over the last year (working on a 40 song praise and worship cd) and its never sounded like this. Thanks for the suggestion btw fellas I appreciate it. Edit: Just closed Pro Tools so only monitoring that is being heard is through the Saffire Mix Control. No change. Still sounds bad. I hooked up mic to interface to make sure there was nothing going on with my interface. Interface is fine.