Pedal mistake and now no sound. Help!!

  • ;(
    Oh dear...
    So I was seting up the wah pedal and It appears I pressed the pedal init button while there was no pedal attached to that particular jack.
    No sound at all now. :(
    I've updated firmware . Nothing.
    Done reset.Nothing.

    Any ideas guys? I'm having a bit of a panic now.
    You know how it is.... you cant concentrate on anything til you have sorted the issue!

  • It would have probably been enough to connect an exp pedal and turn the volume back up....that's why I've asked if it was the same on all rigs. I think you've initialized the volume pedal, not the wha...

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  • Hey!
    Yes, i think it was the volume that got initialized while nothing connected.
    I did try plugging one in, and i could see the value sweeping from zero to maximum value but nothing.
    Pretty convinced that the hard reset was the only way to go at this stage.

    I found the procedure here on this forum. Left soft key- maintenance etc.
    I probably should have contacted support first, right?