Forum formatting corrupted?

  • I'm just a regular firefox guy and it seems that everything is ok:
    quoting works again and i can
    :cursing: spread :cursing: smilies again.
    On the iPad I have some problems with getting thrown out and logging in again.
    So far so good - again :)

    It is probably difficult to do maintenance on such a busy message board, but a complete failure report will make things easier for Don!

  • i've just downloaded google chrome and i'm writing this using google chrome. seems that i can use all sort of smilies ... ?( and it is not faster or slower than safari or firefox ... :evil:

    ps. loggin in and out is fine too. :thumbsup:

  • i can confirm that with two browsers tested logging in and out seems to be no issue any longer.

    chrome is considerably faster than other browsers and that is the only reason i use it AND
    i cannot use smileys and i did not change any preferences which you also did not, i presume.

    test: :huh: :S X( :cursing: :thumbsup: 8o :sleeping: :sleeping: :D :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

    wtf: ten minutes ago it did not work! okay, guys, i am done, i can live with the font sizes. goodbye and nice to see you
    in other threads. but those font size changes out of nowhere are strange, are they not?


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  • the font sizes are not out of nowhere.

    1. test: [size=10] [/size]:huh:[size=10] [/size][size=10] [/size]:S[size=10] [/size][size=10] [/size]X([size=10] [/size][size=10] [/size]:cursing:[size=10] [/size][size=10] [/size]:thumbsup:[size=10] [/size][size=10] [/size]8o[size=10] [/size][size=10] [/size]:sleeping:[size=10] [/size][size=10] [/size]:sleeping:[size=10] [/size][size=10] [/size]:D[size=10] [/size][size=10] [/size]:thumbsup:[size=10] [/size][size=10] [/size]:thumbsup:[size=10] [/size][size=10] [/size]:thumbsup:[size=10] [/size]

    looks like you pasted something into your post? in any case, there are sizes in your post which do not belong there - if you don't want to change the font size. IMO this has nothing to do with the forum software.