New Kemper Owner-a couple of connection questions

  • Good Morning,
    I bought a new kemper last night and I am very impressed. I have been searching the forums this morning, and while I have uncovered a lot of info, I haven't quite pinpointed an answer to my situation. If this has been answered before, please forgive me.

    I have a boss eband that I use for playing along to backing tracks, learning songs, slowing down songs etc. I would still like to use the tools on the eband and play it through the KPA using the KPA profiles and the eband 'tools'. I read up, and I know I can use the auxillary input for this but I am looking for other options.

    Eventually I would like to record with the KPA into a laptop. I am not talking multiple tracks or anything complicated. Just my guitar sound. I then overlay the guitar sound on a video that I have taken. So I don't need anything super complicated.

    So after all that, my question is: What do I need to buy to accomplish the above? Keep it simple for me please this stuff kinda blows my mind :D

  • Okay, had a little help from a friend on this. Hopefully I am thinking this through in my head correctly:

    Find an audio interface that has rca ins. Connect the left right RCA outs from the eband to these.

    Connect the KPA to the audio interface via S/PDIF.

    Connect audio interface to computer.

    Listen to everything through the computer.

    Correct? will there be any loss in audio quality vs. listening through headphones on the KPA?