U2 and The EDGE tone with the KEMPER ????? YES!!! ... it's REALLY possible!!!!!!!

  • Mr. CK, this videos Demo are NOT for you, please ;) jump ahead!!! I reached some top-tones with the KPA … and I don't want to risk that you will never add new features and parameters on the Delay sections, which I always wish :rolleyes: ... OK … I’m joking, I want really to thank you for this Technology Gift, an amazing product that realized some dreams we had for many many times…

    But coming to the object, EDGE and U2 fans, these are for YOU!

    In the video linked above ... I know... you already discovered them :D , well, I played some demo of songs from the eighties years of the U2, from the album "Boy" till "The Joshua Tree"… My main intention was to try to reach the maximum reproducible quality sound from the Kemper without using any additional stomp or post-elaboration. Infact, everything you will listen from these videos is pure Kemper tone directly on the Sound Card of my PC! From my opinion, they are absolutely comparable to others cover in You Tube with real Vox AC30 and/or with complex effects/stomps in chain…

    You cannot imagine how much I enjoyed playing this 8o , I take a great revenge from the school time when I started playing the guitar with no tools, no Internet, no Kemper :thumbdown: … and the sounds (and playing!) were really horrible :cursing: , but don’t worry, I will never post my videos of that time, they are only for few intimate friends ^^ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And just to be clear, these Rigs are not perfect, so any suggestion will be always welcome… Moreover the delay settings are often my best approximation of the real ones (the actual KPA delay have some limitation and we don’t have for example the dual delay). The amp profiles I used are all Vox AC30 :thumbup: … some are from the Kemper Factory ones and some from The Amp Factory Vox AC30 TopBoost. I sent today the complete pack (free and paid profiles) to Andy to attach them as a free “gift” to anyone will buy his Vox Topboost 66 Profiles (Pack 2).

    For the free ones (for who still don’t have the Andy Vox) here is the link:

    Ask me for any question and have great U2 times!!!

  • Thanks a lot for this outstanding performance. For everybody who's in this kind of sound they need not look farther. I very much enjoyed listening and watching your excellent playing. I hope Mr. Kemper will realise brilliance when he sees it and use it as an offer not to be refused in his PR activities. I'm not overly concerned about U2 as you obviously are. But I do find it very generous to offer the fruits of many hours of tweaking and fiddling as a present for the community. That's the spirit!

    Keep on playing.

    Joachim :) :) :)

  • This awesome!! Thanks for the hard work.

    Question, what if we previously bought the Topboost Vox? I went to my download history and they are not in there. I would love the profiles you built with TAF amp profiles. What can I do?

  • Thanks all of you for your kind comments and appreciation!

    Below some more notes and curiosities, and the list of Rigs/Song I covered; If you want to give them a try, I suggest to tweak for your guitars using the parameters in the Input section (clean/distortion sense) and the EQ that I put in the Pre-Amp section:

    • "Twilight" from the album "Boy", sound done for my Les Paul Standard bridge Pickup
      The original song have a delay only on the right side set at 215 ms. With the KPA is not possible to exclude the delay on the LEFT, so I used the trick to put a TAP delay with high BPM (279) and put 1/32 on the left plus 2/16 on the right. So I have on the left an unwanted repetition of 53 ms, that is not good but in the mix is well hidden since it is very short. On the right instead I have the real delay of 215 ms…
    • "I will follow" from the album "Boy", sound done for my Les Paul Standard bridge Pickup
    • "Rejoice" from the album "October", sound done for my Les Paul Standard bridge Pickup
    • "Sunday Bloody Sunday" from the album "War", I take as reference the LIVE version form Under a Blood Red Sky of 1983, the sound is made for a Telecaster Bridge Pickup
    • "11 O clock tick tock" from the album "Under a blood red sky" 1983, sound done for my Les Paul Standard bridge Pickup
    • "New Year's Day" from the album "War" 1983 Live version, sound done for my Les Paul Standard bridge Pickup
    • "WIRE", sound done for my Vintage Stratocaster with USA ’57 Pickup, Meedle//Bridge Position
    • "PRIDE" Live Version as reference, sound done for my Vintage Stratocaster with USA ’57 Pickup, Meedle//Bridge Position
    • "BAD": I have done two sounds, one for my Vintage Stratocaster with USA ’57 Pickup, Meedle//Bridge Position (LIVE Version) and the other for my Les Paul Standard in meedle Position Bridge//Neck Pickup
      Consider that in the original song there are two delays + a room reverb:
      Delay A -> 467 ms (1 repeat) == 3/16 @ 96 bpm with modulation, 90-100% of the inital signal -> amp #1 (louder)
      Delay B -> 234 ms (1 repeat) == 3/32 @ 96 bpm -> amp #2 (softly)
      In my KEMPER implementation and approximation… I used the main Delay with -> 467 ms == 3/16 @ 96 bpm using TAP DELAY on KPA with 3/16 L & R
      Instead for the other Delay I used the REVERB SLOT with Predelay set to 234 ms == 3/32 @ 96 bpm; 0,4 the TIME parameter and 68% MIX parameter
    • "I still haven’t found what I’m Looking for”, the sound is done for my Vintage Stratocaster with USA ’57 Pickup, Meedle//Bridge Position
      Also here I used the trick to do a second Delay with the Reverb slot… Missing the real Reverb, the only thing I did was to use the Space parameter in substitution…
    • With or Without You”: ... here I exaggerated :D ... I even try to add a SHIMMER like effects using the Pitch Shifter ducked a little 8o !!!!
      I have done different sounds for different Guitar: one for my Les Paul Standard in Bridge Position Pickup (indicated as G1) and the other for my Vintage Stratocaster with USA ’57 Pickup (I used a particular custom PU implementation: Meedle in series with the Bridge!) (indicated as F6)
    • Where the Streets have no name”, sound done for my Vintage Stratocaster with USA ’57 Pickup, Meedle//Bridge Position
    • One”: I have done different rigs here, all for Les Paul Standard (Neck position for the intro part and Bridge Position for the final part).

    Enjoy :thumbsup:

  • This is great stuff! Since we play "Pride" and "With Or Without You" I will surely check them out. I got the feeling your Rigs are by far superiour to the ones I tried to tweak. Thank you very much! And by the way: great playing!

  • Weren't you the person who was asking how OTHER people learned to use effects?

    These all sound GREAT. Very well played, too (and, that is much of why they sound so good.)

    Ah ah, thanks Paul! No, it wasn't me asking for learning on effect usage, even if we will never stop to discover new things! Just the last one, thanks to your examples, I understood how to create subtle shimmer effects with the KPA !

  • Guys, the RIGs for U2 tones are available now on the Amp Factory website.

    Users can re-download the Pack2 (if they brought the bundle) and the rigs are included there, or, if they just brought that Vox amp, they are available on the single download amp too.

    Thanks Andy for your availability and rapidity!

  • Again Thank you Maurizio to share your profiles.
    Not huge fan of U2 but those profiles sounds really amazing and so close to the original.
    Great work around the delay.
    Mainly user of Marshall Amps i bought this Vox AC30 (pack2) from AF because they Rock!

    I just would like add this external link:
    "A Study of The Edge’s (U2) Guitar Delay by Tim Darling"