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    I have the stereo version Stealth Pro, and the larger SD700, so not really a direct comparison. I feel that the SD is a more robust/better made product. The fan is not something I ever hear.

    The ISP is way lighter, but that's mostly because the power supply (large laptop size) is outboard, but also because the housing is thinner/lighter.

    The ISP is class A/B and the Seymour Duncan is class D. I like the fact that the SD is using the Icepower modules just Like Kemper does.

    They both sound good, no issue there, but my personal vote is for the SD.

    I think you'll be happy.

    Thanks a lot. This definitely make me feel content. :)

    Well I couldn't wait anymore and ordered the SD power stage 170 with the Kabinet today.

    It's more money than the ISP but it was recommended in most of the threads here.

    But now I am thinking of ordering the ISP as well. Then do a quick test with both and keep the one I like.

    I like the fact that ISP can fit in the back of the toaster and it's cheaper.

    Hey Guys,

    Is there any news/rumors on powered Kemper Kabinet release date?

    I own a non powered Kemper Head and I was planning to get a power amp(probably a SD PS 170) and the Kabinet but if power Kabinet is expected to arrive soon I will definitely wait.


    I'm not sure exactly what the options are on your interface but it might have direct monitoring (Zero Latency monitoring) features. This would be the equivalent of my old school approach.

    I send my KPA through a mixer before going to my Audio interface. When I record I can monitor the audio directly from the mixer or the the output from the DAW or both simultaneously (by accident because I forgot to mute one of them). There is a slight time delay between the two. This creates phase cancellation issues that can screw up the sound.

    You are right. My interface supports the option to monitor directly. Which is working fine.

    I make sure to mute the direct monitoring before arming the track to monitor from the DAW.

    This is the audio that doesn't have the punch or the fullness compared to direct monitoring.

    Maybe it's just a volume thing. But I'm sure there is a major difference.

    your DAw shouldn’t colour the sound unless you accidentally have some plugin engaged (such as compression on the master buss).

    check that you aren’t hearing the sound direct from the interface PLUS the sound routed through the DAW as you be getting phase cancellations when this happens.

    There are no plugins engaged in master bus.

    check that you aren’t hearing the sound direct from the interface PLUS the sound routed through the DAW as you be getting phase cancellations when this happens.

    Can you please elaborate on this? I didn't quite get it.


    Audio interfaces converters do affect the sound, no doubt.

    Some more than others.

    You will find many posts covering that subject on this forum.

    It's probably not the interface because the direct monitor from interface sounds similar to the headphone out from the Kemper.(I'm using the main xlr outs to connect to the interface)

    It's only when I arm the track and monitor through the daw instead of directly monitoring the sound.


    Guitar -> Kemper -> main output (xlr stereo) -> Presonus audiobox -> Ableton Live

    When I monitor the profile directly from the audiobox the profiles sounds much better but if I use the DAW( arm the track and monitor) it looses certain quality about it. Doesn't have the same feel to it.

    Is it some issue with my interface? or does a DAW color the audio?

    Hi All,

    So I've been using Kemper for over a month now and was looking for monitoring options.

    I was planning to get a powered frfr speaker but Kabinet is available now for pre order on Sweetwater and I might just pull the trigger on one.

    I own a non powered Kemper Head so looking for power amp recommendations. I'm a complete noob when it comes to power amps and cabinets so any help appreciated.

    Looking for a budget power amp that sit wells with the Kemper head.


    Welcome! You will see Headrush mentioned a lot on here snd on the facebook groups as well. Not saying they are bad but I want you to be aware of the EV zlx12p. Ive played this now for almost two years, probably 40 gigs. It sounds great (I had a Headrush and I think this sounds better). It is bi-amped between the horn and speaker(Headrush is not). It has some great adjustable parameters including EQ. It is lightweight. It is a reputable company. And the price is great. Headrush just does a better job of marketing to the modeling/profiling community.

    Thanks for the recommendation. Will definitely check out EV zlx12p.

    Any recommendation for cab style frfr speaker?


    Always hard to recommend profiles because everyone has different tastes but if you like the JMOD from tone junkies (one of my fav from them) you could also like the tone king imperial profiles from the amp factory. They made 2 packs, the first with the rig pack 1 (these sound more nasal), and a second one with the rig pack 11 voiced differently (more clear/transparent), some are made for strat, tele or lp but they sound good with a strat and gives you many different options). They are by far my long term favorite profiles for fender style amps with a strat.

    If you buy other monitors/frfr try if possible before buying because it can give very different results and noone agrees on what is the best ...

    Thanks for the recommendation. I got the Tone King profiles from the rig pack 1. I had to tweak them a lot to make them sound good with my tele. All the profiles are clipping for me for some reason. Nothing a quick volume change can't fix.

    While I was on the site I also went with the Fender Champ 64 profiles and they were exactly what I was looking for. They make my tele shine. :love: