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    I'll let someone more tech savvy jump in on this whenever but basically depending on the settings it can introduce anything from a lo fi bit crush sound to a heavy clipping circuit sound and that hairy zizzle sound to your signal path which combined with other gain stages can produce a wide variety of results before and or after the amp stack.

    Extreme settings yield more of a collapsing gain structure sound. Like adding an R anywhere to the word meow.

    Does anyone know if the fractal expression pedal works with the Kemper Stage ?
    I believe people are using the Mission pedal with fractal gear ?

    I’ve searched the internet , and there appears to be no mention of this possibility anywhere in the universe. Anyone ?

    I’ve got to believe after all the years Kemper has been out , this “experiment “ has been done thousands of times. Someone around here should be able to say easily.

    Well remember, Kemper is a profiler, so a "profile" was created from a real amp (with some settings on it). Then, when you add some effects on this "profile", like reverb, delay, distortion and so on, you making a "rig" out of the profile. Now putting this rig in to performance mode on some bank and slot, you creating a "performance". This performance may has different rigs on all 5 slots, which are assigned to the foot switches


    Can someone at Kemper use these intelligent words in their literature ? Had I been able to read this paragraph in the manual after I purchased my Stage , it could have helped me quickly wrap my head around the design and workings of the unit. Well stated.

    Hello Kemper users. I am a new Stage owner. I’ve owned and played thru most every modeler out there. My favorite is by far the Axe Fx III.

    I’ve always been curious about Kemper , but never truly understood what it was about. I’m still not entirely sure to be honest. I know the “profiles” sound really good. The TJ brown sounds are my favorites so far. Instant EVH.

    It’s really different , not having complete “amp control” for sounds on this unit. It feels very limiting at first. Using Axe Fx , I would generally find an amp and IR that I liked , adjust the gain so that I could clean up my sound with my guitar volume , or put it full on for gain. The Kemper appears to have a bit of this capability , but more limited. - more of a 7-10 usability range on the guitar vol. ( with my medium and low output HBs in my LPs )

    These are just personal options and observations so far. I’ve owned it for less than a week. Played a gig last night with it. I didn’t have it dialed in any where near as good as it could be , but I pulled it off , and the mix sounded great.

    I’ll be glad to accept any and all advice about using a Kemper unit after using modelers. So far I like it. Different , but I like it.