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    Haha no leprechauns…

    I figured it out. Having the master volume on maximum with the kemper stage will make the cleans sound distorted. Sweet spot is 12 a-clock on the stage. Then use power amp volume knob for more volume.

    Only problem is on stage if I need my monitor volume to be louder than 12 aclock, I may be effecting the clean sounds.

    wondering if this is a glitch just in my stage or maybe the it will be fixed on the next kemper update.

    Hey, I have my first show tomorrow with the kemper stage and of course I’m having random issues now.

    I had a beautiful clean tone ready to go and now there is a distortion/buzz sound which doesn’t sound very good. I tried other cleans in the kemper and they all have the same issue.

    I also tried a different cab, and it did nothing.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Is there any reason that it could be the power amp?

    I will try another cab I have tonight. I have the Kemper kab as well so I will try this at a low volume and keep an eye on the wattage meter. As long as the sound is full even at a low volume, this should tell me right away correct?

    I will also try my kemper power rack through the mission cab as well and see if it's full or dull. If it's full with my Kemper power rack, then it would be the power amp that has an issue?

    It could be a cable as well. I changed my cable to an instrument cable last night going from the front input of the Power Stage 700 to Kemper Monitor out.

    Previously I was using an audio cable (Unbalanced) and everything worked well but since I could not find anything longer than 10 feet for this audio cable, I went with an instrument cable which in another thread was confirmed this is fine.



    Hey all,

    I played tonight and for the first time the sound seemed to lower a lot almost like the treble had been turned all the way down which it was not.

    I’m have the kemper stage going through my power stage 700 watt power amp and mission P2 passive cab in mono.

    Can anyone tell me what the cause of this would be from?

    I haven’t change any settings and this happened tonight for the first time.

    thank you!

    Okay got all this so far.

    One more thing I promise! ;)

    Since I am using a full range speaker (Not Kemper), but using the Passive P2 Gemini Cab, I should be able to use the Kemper Kone imprints correct?

    Since this Full range cabinet will only simulate the true sound of the Kemper, I can't see why I would not be able to select Kemper Kone and use the imprints.

    I haven't tried this yet and just thought of it going through checklists.


    Okay, so to my question in the previous thread, my main question is how does the FOH get sound from my power amp if only the monitor out is connected to my Kemper stage and not the main out?

    And should I not use the monitor wedge at the front of the stage then since I will have my own monitoring with my mission cab behind me? Or can I use both my cab and the monitor at front of stage and go stereo so I get sound at the front as well? This might be overkill haha, but thought I'd check!

    Also, if I am to leave the Monitor Cab Off unticked for the power stage 700, should I have the monitor cab on or off on the kemper stage?

    Thank you!

    Hello forum!

    This is probably a dumb question but with our first show approaching on Saturday and first time using the Kemper live, I’d like to be sure.

    can I use a regular instrument cable to go from the Monitor out of the Kemper stage into my Seymour Duncan power stage 700 power amp?

    I read a little while ago on the forum that I should buy an (Unbalanced interconnect cable) which I did but could only find up to 10 feet in length and need something longer.

    I’m seeing other posts about using an instrument cable as well though and I’m unsure which is the best option or if both are okay? I can get an instrument cable for 20 + feet in length so this would be ideal.

    I’d like to get a 20-25 feet cable for this with so I can go easily from my rack with the power amp on the side of the stage to my kemper stage and 10 feet is just not cutting it.


    Is there a difference having monitor volume and Main volume set to -12 db in loudness?

    It doesn’t seem as loud as one would think and I have stage 700 set ahead of 12 aclock to (2 aclock) and that starts to feel loud.

    With the mission engineering 500 watt speaker, if the kemper volume is set to -12 db, what would be considered the max volume I can have the power stage 700 set at without blowing the speakers?

    If I set it to 4-5 aclock, will this be to much? Just curious and I have only had it as loud as 2 aclock so far and barely cut through the mix at band practice.


    I changed one of the cables and the hissing is gone now. I don’t understand it because I had the same cable connected to my kemper power rack going through the same cab with no hum or hissing issues.

    As soon I hooked up the power stage 700 with kemper stage however, with the same speaker wires, the hissing and humming issue appeared.

    I mean, I’ll take the win that the issue is gone but if anyone knows why this would occur with the Kemper stage and Power stage 700 connections and not with the Kemper Power rack .

    The hissing sound seems to occur when my solo channel is on.

    Kemper stage is set to -18, and Power Amp to 10 a-clock

    I think perhaps the power bar I have connected is interfering with other signals, is this possible?

    Is there a difference having the stage Monitor set to Mono or Stereo? With Mission cab, I have the option to use Mono bridged or Stereo, but it's just one cab so not sure if it makes a difference.

    Hello Kemper team!

    I just connected my new Seymour Duncan Power Stage 700 to my Kemper Stage and I want to make sure I have everything set up properly. Bit of a hissing noise off and on which is concerning.

    1. Connection 1: Input (Left) on front of PS 700 - Connected to Main Monitor (left) on Kemper Stage
    2. Connection 2 (Guitar): Kemper Stage (Input) Connected to --> Line 6 Relay G10S Wirelsss
    3. Connection 3: Speaker Output Left (SD Power Stage 700) Connection --> Mission Engineering Gemini P2 (Left Stereo)

    I am hearing a hissing sound every now and then that comes and goes, so I have shut everything off until I have clarity on what I am doing wrong.

    Also, is there a setting I need to change in the Output section of the Kemper Stage? I notice there is also a cab SIm on the back of the Seymour Duncan Power Stage 700 which I left off since I am using the Kemper Cab within the profile. Is there a right or wrong here?

    If anyone that has a similar set up, any feedback is appreciated.

    Thank you!

    Oh and one last thing, if I keep the Gemini p2 passive cab in stereo, then the ohm is 8 ohms. Only 16 ohms bridged (mono) which is what I currently have to set it at for the kemper power rack.

    with the stage, since it’s stereo, I can now set the cab to stereo which means I should be able to get much more volume with the Seymour Duncan PowerStage700 (Once I get it) coming next week!

    If anyone could confirm that I have this right with the settings? Also is there a wattage meter on the Kemper stage ?

    GuitarGuy83 , I used 4 kemper Kones for the 4x12 cab and had a tech wire it according to the diagram.

    I noticed that the mission Gemini p2 cuts through the mix way better because the sound projects forward and 70% wide while the Kemper kone does not do this.

    After reading many reviews and forums, I have decided to go with running a Kemper stage through a Seymour Duncan PowerStage700.

    Not that I would need 700 watts, but from what others have said they are able to get the sound to be clear and cut through being only at 12 a lock on the power amp it self and -18 to -20 in the kemper volume.

    I will either sell my KemperPower Rack or keep it and use at home and my 4x12 Kemper cab still sounds amazing for home use.

    I’m broke now after spending all my money to figure this out ?.

    Thanks for all the tips either way.