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    I have had the same issue at band practice and don’t think it’s normal. I have tried everything as well and had to max out the Kemper power head until it shorted. I built a 4X12 Kemper kab and thought that would do the trick, and still the same problem. Because sound is not projecting forward like a guitar speaker would normally, the sound does not cut through the mix.

    My guitarist has a mini Mesa at level 1 and was still cutting through more than I was.

    I have now gone with a 2x12 mission Engineering cab which does not colour the sound and at the same time projects the sound forward which I am now able to cut through properly but barely. I had too turn up the Volume to max with the rig volume and now I have my max volume on the Kemper almost up all the way and the wattage meter goes to almost. 600. It’s loud but not as loud as you would think at that level.

    Standing in front of the amp at that volume, it was still bearable which is the problem. The 600 watts should be impossible to listen too from up close and with the Mesa turned up to 150 watts only, I was almost deaf lol.

    So not sure, something to work on for future models perhaps.

    Hello again!

    So I finally have my Gemini 2P speaker and noticed a few things.

    I notice that having the Cab set to off in the stack section changes the sound. To me it sounds better with the Cab button set to off. Particularly with the clean profiles when I use effects with synth in the mix, I hear the synth part seems to be more present in front of the clean guitar sound rather than sitting behind, and so with cab off, it seems more balanced.

    Is there a right or wrong here or does it come down to preference?

    Here are my settings right now:

    Monitor Cab Off

    Cab button in the stack section un checked (What is the difference with Monitor Cab off & Cab button in stack section?)

    Pure Cabinet is Off in the output section (Not sure if I need this)

    I also realized that it also works with Kemper Kone selected and with the Cab on in stack section, it actually sounds amazing.. Is this normal? I thought that the Kemper Kone button clicked without using the Kone Cabinet would sound terrible, but it sounds great. I guess because it is meant for digital amps like the Kemper..

    Another thing is I understand that the Kemper Power Rack is Mono but they the Gemini speaker can be used in stereo. I read in different forums that there is a way to go stereo however this is where it gets confusing and not sure if I need it or what the difference would be. Main reason is to be able to play with the band and practice, and maybe use it on stage a monitor.

    If I have it set up right now in Mono, am I getting the full range of this speaker to project the sound all around the room? I haven't used this with the band yet and I want to make sure that this time, the sound really cuts through enough.

    I was using the Kemper One 1x12 then, built my own 4x12, and it still could not cut through at max volume so I went with the Mission Gemini.. I think the difference is that this speaker I am using now pushes air rather than acting as a monitor so the sound seems to project a lot more than before.

    Thank you for all your help!

    Hello all,

    What are the proper Kemper settings using the Mission Engineering Gemini P2?

    I currently have the Gemini set in Mono, and not sure if I need a monitor cab on or off but with either option, something sounds off from the sound I get out of the amp.

    It sounds great though my headphones and would like to capture the same sound here.

    Thank you!


    Hey guys,

    I’m looking into purchasing a Gemini 2-P to go with my Kemper Power Rack.

    I would like to know what the max wattage meter allowance is with the cabinet.

    It says it’s 500 watts and each speaker is 250 watts. So does this mean I need to make sure the wattage meter on the Kemper stays below 250 watts?

    Furthermore, If I use two of the cabs, what is max wattage meter required on kemper?

    Thank you

    Hey all,

    I found a pretty cool effect in the Kemper to give a guitar swell feel and overall, it sounds great! The problem I have with this effect, is that there is a humming that occurs at some spots when I transition to another note and it is pitchy hum. I understand that with a heavy delay and swells, that this could create some hum, however is there something I can do to minimize this? Would a 2nd noise gate do the trick?

    I haven't tried anything yet since my rack is at our jam space and I am trying to get some feedback so when we jam next weekend, I can try a few things.


    Well that explains a lot! 😂

    The main reason for me wanting to push the volume is our guitarist is going through a 120 watts 2x12 mesa , turned up only half way and he is always louder than me even when I am close to max volume on the kemper .

    I’m wondering if I increase the rig volume a bit and leave power amp boost off, that I’ll still be at a safe volume and still get a bit more volume if needed.

    I’ll test things out again tomorrow and see what happens.

    I noticed that cut out only happened during clean tones and not distortion with power amp boost at half way.

    Right, so the wattage meter was around 250 watts when it dropped out, not 600 watts so this is why I’m not sure I understand .

    The manual says 600 watts for sound to drop out, not 250 watts.

    also how can the sound ever go more than 600 watts when it’s designed for 600 watts max?

    what is the point of the power amp boost if that function can potentially put our amp in danger over 600 watts?

    Hey all,

    So I went and had my 4x12 Kemper Cab re-wired for 4 ohms through a tech and tested it out tonight. I wanted to test it at high volume and was around the 250 watt mark and after about 30 minutes, it started to cut out and I am not sure why.

    I posted a video of the sound cutting out so you can hear when it happens and what it sounds like.


    The cab is 800 watts (4 Kemper speaker), the Kemper Power amp is 600 watts. I had the power Amp boost at +6 to add a bit more volume and figured, this should be fine since I am well below 600 watts use of the power amp and well below 800 watts in the cab.

    Is there perhaps a specific setting in the output section or anything that might not be set correctly? The cab itself is wired correctly, so it must be the Kemper. I also haven't updated the Kemper yet to latest software. Could this fix the issue?

    Thank you for your help!

    It’s wired exactly as per the Kemper Diagram that it came with for all the other wires but the blue one which I removed before playing the rig .

    the blue wire was going from negative (Bottom right speaker) to the positive (Top right speaker). Again, there is no longer that blue wire in the cab.

    So without the blue wiring, everything else is correct as I followed the 4x12 Kemper wiring diagram that came with the speakers and then had a buddy of mine who’s an electrician check the wiring to make sure and he confirmed it was correct.

    So what is wrong exactly with this? The wiring itself is 16ohms and this is not correct?

    What I need to know is if I should start from scratch and re wire everything.

    I assumed that the speakers wires inside when I bought the cab were the same and would work with Kemper speakers .

    I did try again tonight at max volume + power amp boost at 5 extra for a short time, and it worked fine. But I wonder if I jam longer at that volume if the same issues will occur.

    Does anyone recommend I buy new wiring and if so, can you point me in the direction of the right wirings to buy and from where?

    I’m using a speaker cable from the amp to the cab, yes.

    I did also go passed 200 watts using the amp boost at one point last night. Can I go over 209 watts without a problem?

    The wiring on the inside from cab to the speakers are the same wires that came with the original cab and worked with the previous owner

    Here are pictures with the configuring I used following the diagram that came from Kemper.

    Please note that the (BLUE) wire was removed as it was and shouldn’t be there.

    Everything else was connected properly.