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    Is it possible that because of the vibrations the wiring can be coming off it’s connector and resulting in sound loss?

    I didn’t solder them to the connecting points however I did make sure they are secure enough.

    I’ll definitely be checking this tomorrow and as for the way I connected the wiring. It’s correct as I had someone with experience double check my work so not to sure what else it could be.


    So I used the amp set up for the first time and everything was fine until later during our jam my volume started to cut out and crackling. I turned it down completely and back up again and then it was fine for a few songs, then same issue happened.

    I tookd the screen off to check if one of speakers weee blown and everything looks normal:

    Is it possible that this can happen if either one of the wires I connected came off the speaker because of the vibrations?

    This issue should not happen no matter how loud I turn up the amp since the cab is supposed to handle all the volume from the Kemper power amp

    Hi All,

    I was wondering if it were possible when playing a live venue to set up my Kemper Power Rack in Stereo and have the option per rig in performance mode to either only use mono and switch to Stereo for certain sections.

    Example, if I want to have a panning effect but want the rhythm parts to remain mono (Through stage left or right) and Stereo (For parts I want to have go through both stage left and right) can I do this by setting it up per rig?

    If so, what are the steps I need to do take to set this up, and how would I set it up with the front of house?

    Thank you!


    because the power rack is 600 watts so I’m not sure how I can’t go louder than 200 watts if the head is 600.

    I understand the explanation of the speakers at 4 ohms and that the volume is just spread out equally like the 1x12.

    But why have a 600 watt power amp if I can’t use it passed 200 watts?

    Not saying I would need too go higher but just want to understand.

    Thank you everyone!

    Last thing, is there any other settings in the Power Rack that I need to set once I plug into the 4x12?

    Also, since I now have 4, 200 watt speakers, when I turn up the volume, will the volume turn up louder quicker and louder than the 1x12 Kemper kab?

    FYI, I have set it up in mono as per the manual and followed the diagram! I bought a used 4x12 Randal cab for $100 and used the frame to build it and I just tested it through my Mesa head first (Sounded terrible which I believe is expected since this should be used only with Kemper) . BUT the sound works and everything is good.

    My Kemper is at our jam space so I’m looking forward to using it tomorrow and hopefully the sound will be excellent when I’m using the Kemper and not Mesa.


    Hello Kemper team,

    I’ve purchased 4 kemper Kones and want to set this up using a an old 4x12 cab I purchased for $100.

    I’ve stripped the old Randall speakers out and ready to connect the wiring to the new Kones.

    1- Can I use the old wires that I bought with the cab? they look fine.

    2- I see in the manual I would need to connect in series if I’m not mistaken? What is the best way, mono or stereo?

    3- Anything else I’m missing?


    I just had this issue today, and what I’m more surprised with is how come it works at home but not at our jam space? Is it the electrical in the walls at our space perhaps and to much juice going on?

    Will a power conditioner solve this issue?


    Hello Kemper!

    I was looking into building a custom rack for all Kemper related gear that I use and thought I would post a request here.

    it would be great to see Kemper come out with Rack mount that would be custom to all the gear that is available and offer different size racks depending on how much gear one might have .

    personally, I would like a rack so the small Kemper cab can be in its rack high off the ground enough so the sound cuts through, a spot for the Kemper power rack to sit, place for drawers and storage space etc , space for pedal board to sit on a shelf within the rack? Maybe I’m going overboard but just a thought.

    Ideally it would be cool to be able to purchase a rack case that would already be custom to fitting the Kemper Cab, and Kemper Power rack, and anything else would be bonus


    To unlink all volumes, this is in the Output section , and I would unlink Main out link and Monitor out link?

    The volume controls are still a bit confusing to me and when we do play live gigs in the (Hopefully) near future, I would say I am still not 100% confident yet with what I feel is the correct way to set it up.


    Okay this makes more sense now.

    So the imprints will only effect my stage sound and now what the audience hears, unless it is a small venue, then they could hear a mix of both.

    Last question!

    If I run 2 Kemper cabs, then this gives me 400 watts of total power correct? So if I look at the wattage meter, I need to make sure I stay under 400 watts?

    I don't think I need more than 200 - 250 but just want to be sure I understand correctly.

    At 200 watts at home, it is blistering loud, and at jam will full band it seems like it doesn't cut through at that volume which seems odd. So I will try having everyone turn down a bit.

    What is an ideal volume for guitars and bass to be at when we have a heavy metal drummer involved pounding his kit? There has to be a sweet spot and I've checked a million videos so I guess we need to keep playing around with it and not just turn up the knobs and hope that it's the right volume. I seem to be the only one trying to get the sound to make sense lol.

    Anyways, thank you for everything so far!

    One last thought, show monitor cab off be checked or unchecked while using the Kone imprints? They each produce a very different sound and to sure why.

    Also by using the speaking imprints, what happens to the cab in the Stack section that was already selected when I created each rig? Do the imprints replace the cab I have selected in each performance?


    So I played around with the Imprints and found one I think I am liking now.

    From what you are saying, Most people don't like the sound of FRFR which you also mention is what the audience is hearing.. So if the sound of FRFR is not great, are you saying the audience is also hearing that same (Not so great sound)?

    I agree that the imprints sound clearer and less muddy so I am going to use the imprints at our next jam and see if that helps, as for live sound I'm assuming FRFR mode will sound better through a mixing desk rather than through the cabinet?

    Thank you!

    Okay got it.

    Wheresthedug, I have the Kemper Kone checked and (Monitor Cab Off) unchecked in order to use FRFR. As mentioned, I found that the imprints once selected sound very different than the profiles I have already created.

    For example, I have 14 performances already in place which I love and if I select an imprint, it changes that sound so I'm not sure how I can benefit here especially when playing a live gig since the imprints sound will only be for the on stage monitor and the crowd will here the Kemper through the venue monitors without that imprint if I'm not mistaken?

    If you mention that playing around with the imprints to get my sound to be where I want it will be the best option for clarity, then I will play around with it and have to tweak every performance, but the last thing I want is to have 2 different sounds when playing live to clash with each other.

    I guess I'm a little confused still with the Kone and how to get the most out of it.