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    Thank you for that Mattes!

    I will definitely be trying some things and that makes sense with raising the Kabinet up at a higher level. That was going to be my next solution for jam #2 next week.

    When you mentioned lowering the bass a mid, did you do this globally or rig per rig ? Also, have you tried the directivity option at all? And finally, do you stay in FRFR mode or use the imprints?



    I think then it would be safer to stay in FRFR mode because the profiles I have created, I love. The problem is that the 1x12 cab is not loud enough for a metal band with drums, bass and another guitarist.

    In order for the sound to have cut through, I would have had to go beyond the 200 watt meter which I cannot do as my amp will explode lol.

    So, should I use 2 cabinets at rehearsal so that I can go beyond 200 watts if needed? Or perhaps I should order 2 cone speakers and then re-wire into a speaker so that I can get up to 400 watts?


    And also you mentioned above that if I'm in FRFR mode it may be better to use the imprints?

    Just trying to understand why there is the option to go FRFR mode if it doesn't perform like I need it to perform during rehearsal.


    I am using FRFR mode as the imprints included don't really allow me to keep the heavy rock sound I'm aiming for. I haven't played around with the imprints to much though so perhaps I need to adjust some levels in the Output section then rather than going rig per rig and adjusting one EQ at a time?

    Also, yes I have used the wattage meter and I think that I'm, getting the sound fairly loud but not loud enough when we are rehearsing with Drums and bass and another guitar in the mix.

    I did purchase 2 of the cabinets so I am assuming to really get the sound level up I would need to connect both cabs together to allow me to have 400 watts.

    If this is the case, how would I connect these properly with the Kemper Power Rack?

    Again, would love to just use the 1 cab and not have to use both as the idea of buying 2 was to have 1 practice cab at home, and the other cab I leave at our jam space.


    Hey Kemper team,

    I recently purchased the Kemper Cabinet and I’ve tried searching the threads for some answers with no success and I’m a little frustrated!

    When I arrived to set up my Power Rack with the Cabinet yesterday at my first full band rehearsal since COVID-19, I followed the same set up I have been using at home when practicing except when I tried to get my guitar sound to cut through the mix and be loud enough, it didn’t quite work and sounded muddy and my Kemper monitor volume was almost at the max which is NOT good for the Cabinet whatsoever since it only takes 200 watts. I notice also that the screen protector on the cabinet moves aggressively when I’m palm muting or playing anything heavy at a loud (band setting) volume.

    I understand that there is the monitor volume (what I have been using) and a main volume (Not sure if I should use this instead of monitor volume) In the output section.

    So here are my questions:

    - When playing live with my band to rehearse, is the 1 x 12 cabIndy enough to get the guitar loud enough to cut through the mix?

    - Do I use the monitor volume or the main volume?

    - How do I only use the main volume and is it needed or is this only when playing in a venue to control main sound through mixing desk at front of house?

    - Any settings or effects ie (effects or eq) settings to really get the sound to cut through the mix?

    From my understanding the cab is made to act as your on stage monitor, so perhaps for a full band rehearsal playing heavy rock, it won’t do the job (although I was told that it would be loud enough before I purchased the cabinet) so I think I’m doing something wrong and 200 watts should be plenty.

    If I need something louder, what type of (passive monitor) should I look for to not colour the sound?

    I would like to try solving this issue so I can use the Kemper cabinet for everything (on stage, rehearsal with band) and not spend more money.

    Thank you for answering when you can.



    This thread is in relation to the looper pedal function on the remote.

    Right now, I am only able to record a loop for up to 1 minute and I cannot save a separate loop per performance.

    I would love to save a loop per performance. For example, in performance 1, Let's say I want to create an ambient sound saved in a loop. Then in performance 2, I want to have another loop pre-recorded and so on. This would be really useful either create ambient sound between songs while tuning, or simply during a song to enhance a part etc.

    In the future:

    - Increase the Looper time from 1 minute to (60 + Minutes)

    - Allow the looper to store individual pre-recorded loops per Performance

    Thank you for considering,


    Hey all!

    I just received my Kemper Expression pedal and trying to set it up to the remote with no luck so far. I went into System Settings to try and calibrate it and there must be something I'm not doing correctly.

    I'd like to use the Morph, Volume and pitch control with the one pedal during difference performances.

    Is this possible and how do I set this up?


    For me it isn't so much what I hear on stage, I just want to make sure that what people hear is what I hear when I am practicing and setting up tones at home through the Kemper and Kabinet.

    If I am going to plug direct to a mixing desk would the audience get the same sounds that I set up using the Kabinet and Kemper?

    I guess there's only one way to find out, and just have to pop my (Live with Kemper) Cherry.. Haha .

    Thank you for the responses, still helping me understand more and more!

    I just received the Kemper Kabinet. It's pretty incredible.

    Here is my situation for practice at home, and what I want to do live.

    - I am using the Kabinet for practicing at home and with the band

    - In a live setting, I do not want to bring the Kabinet and would prefer plugging direct

    How can I set up the (practice at home sound with Kabinet) so that when I play live (Direct, no Kabinet) that the sound is the same (Or close).

    I am assuming, I would have to not use the Imprints with the Kabinet since whatever sound I set up with those, if I am playing direct live, then I will have a very different sound?

    Right now I have (Kemper Kone) in output selected and Monitor Cab Off.

    Here is the question... The purpose of having the Kemper (From what I have read) and seen videos on are not only from being able to choose between all the different rigs, but from bands I've seen like (A Day To Remember) or (August Burns Red) or (Trivium), they have all switched to the Kemper and play direct (no cabs) so they do not need to transport Cabs anymore, and they plug in direct to mixing desk at every show.

    When I invested just over a month ago into the Kemper, I wasn't just doing it to get all the sounds but also for practicality when gigging.

    I understand all of the points above, but I am now confused as to what I should do when I do decide to perform with the Kemper live for the first time. I am still learning a bit more every day so I am sure there must be something I am not quite understanding yet.

    Like I mentioned above, the bands I mentioned are plugging in direct and no cabs, and hey must be having good sound if they are using it direct but based on some comments above, you are saying that the sound isn't great going direct which is confusing as to why these bigger name bands would go direct if the sound was bad?

    Trying to understand, thank you everyone for your help! ^^

    Hi all,

    I want to record in Transpose mode however there is a slight delay with the note in -2 . I read that this is because before the software can recognize the drop note, it needs to hear the note first, which makes perfect sense.

    Is there a way, when recording, to get rid of this effect so that my playing matches to the click I am playing along with? ie, 180 bpm, I seem to be a little late in the timing.

    Thank you for responding when you can !


    Very nice! I bought 2 1x12 Kabinets and honestly just the 1 is loud enough! I'll keep one in my office and the other I can use with the band. The other question is when I decide to play live with the Kemper, I will only bring and plug my Power Rack Kemper (directly into the mixing desk).

    I hope that whatever sound and settings I get through the Kemper Kabinet is (close) once I have it plugged direct to venue monitors.


    I haven't tried this yet, but do I need to plug in the Main outs on Kemper to somewhere on this interface? The Kemper Manual says that I can use the Main outputs to connect to a mixing desk or Studio so that must be correct.

    On the 18i20 Focusrite however, the manual is not as clear and I am not sure where I would need to connect my Kemper Main outs to the interface. I am assuming to one of the Line outs but not sure and I don't want to mess anything up.


    Hey all,

    I recently purchased the 18i20 Scarlett 3rd Gen interface and I want to use it through my (KEMPER POWER RACK) using SPDF. The recording program I am using is REAPER. I do not own a powered monitor and I want my guitar and all recording sounds to come from my (Mac computer mic built in my Mac)

    Could someone give me a step by step connection breakdown as well as what all input and output needs to be? I notice there are several places with inputs and outputs that can be adjusted.

    Focusrite Control software:

    - already installed and not sure what to do with output routing and input settings here. The Clock Source seems okay and is locked at 44.1 kHz, and Digital I/O Mode is sept to S/PDIF RCA

    I have sort of a signal coming in when I record a track into reaper however I do not actually hear anything coming out.


    - I can choose Input Mono, Inout Stereo, Input MIDI, or Input NONE. There are many options per choice and not sure the settings here.


    Is my guitar to be plugged directly into the input of the Kemper or the input of Interface? Do I need to have my (Kemper Speaker Output) on the back of Kemper plugged in somewhere? I feel like this is not necessary since the interface should be taking the Kemper sound Via SPDF?

    I have spent at least 6-8 hours trying to get this to work so any useful help will be greatly appreciated..

    Thank you!

    I am referring to jamming with my band (not live) but in a basement just using the cab with Power Amp (Kemper) . I understand that live, the mixing desk handles the main volume.

    Just want to make sure that for rehearsing, it will be able to handle it. It does say 200 watts per Kabinet so I am assuming this thing can be VERY loud.. haha