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    I've read the "Main Manual" and don't have a good sense of how to assign affects other than pressing the assignment and the switch at the same time to edit and add open."

    I can click "A" and "I" and the same time and assign a compressor. I can click "X" and "I" at the same time and assign an EQ. Now everytime I click "I" both the compressor and the EQ come one.

    • is there any way to select one or the other (when I click "I")? Or is it both every time?
    • is there any way to select one (compressor) on regular rig and the other (EQ) in Morph mode?
    • how do you add more than one effect from either A or X button to this on top of those two?

    This preset is a game changer for me. Works so well with my setup that I leave it On and engage another slot for the boost. :)

    Yep - tried "Cut the Mix" tonight and ended up adding to all 5 rigs in that performance it was so good. I'll be using that for a very long time I think.


    I have setup my first performance and I'm trying to tweak it.

    Now that I know a little bit I have come up with the following ways to boost a good rig for a lead:

    • change the distortion sense in the Morph of the rig (didn't like this)
    • assign a tube screamer to a pre-pedal (was louder but not what I was looking for)
    • assign a compressor to a pre-pedal (barely noticeable)
    • assign a boost to a pre-pedal (best results but still not loud as I thought it should be)
    • add volume under input in Morph mode (seemed to be louder but still wasn't great)

    Admittedly I didn't try a post pedal. Maybe boost works better there.

    Coming from tube amps - it sure was easier to get a lead tone with a pedal or channel switching there.

    So - experienced Kempers, please give me all the ways that you get your best boosted lead tones on your Kemper(s)?

    Maybe I haven't seen the right video but I'm trying to understand how Rig Manager works.

    Let me tell you what I did, and then you tell me what I did wrong.

    I downloaded some rigs and imported them into Rig Manager. So now I guess they're on my computer. Rig Manager isn't automatically moving them into the Kemper unit (that I know of). I select a rig in "Rig Packs", and "load into editor and preview". That amp now shows on the Kemper unit. I play it on my guitar. I favorite it on the Kemper unit. I favorite 20 rigs this way. Then I browse rigs on the Kemper unit (sorting by favorites) but none of the rigs I favorited show up. Is this because they were never transferred from my computer to the kemper?

    Also I have some rigs in my local library. I copied them into the Kemper. Seems like there is no way to organize rigs into folders at all (only performances). Is this the case?

    Thank you so much Alan! I did manage to learn some things last night thanks to this. Will keep you posted! By the way - where can one get a ring slide like the one you use in your Hellecasters video? I can't play it, but that is one of my favorite songs as well...great video!

    Hoping for some help. Tube amp user here. Watched a lot of videos, convince me to buy the Kemper Stage. Mostly because it reduced the cost by $1,000, before the Stage you had to get the toaster and a floorboard. I have had a POD XT Live and other modeling boards. Was always mostly able to setup what I needed out of the box without consulting a manual or many videos with all other products. I understand there is much, much more you can do with the Kemper - many, many options. But other than just browsing and playing, I am finding out how unintuitive this thing is for a beginner. I'm a technical guy, and I manage teams that build websites and the manual that came in the box (to me) was hot garbage, and the "Main manual" talks about individual things without any overall context or guide.

    I am looking for some kind of visual and flow to make sense of it all. Nobody seems to have this. I think I know what a "profile" is. And I have somehow figured out you can make a "performance" with up to 5 profiles. And you can click 1-5 in performance mode and "morph" them so each (rig?) can have 2 states. You can have the 4 things in pre and then the 4 things in post. Assigning and editing those things is sure a hot barrel of monkeys.

    Let me describe a few bits of pain...

    I plugged Kemper in my clean amp and browsed the profiles installed in Browse mode and played the whole list. Found some I liked. Went back to the top of the list but somehow it was much shorter than the first time. Many I wanted to play again were missing.

    I installed Rig Manager on a laptop and connected it. I had many more profiles, and it's not apparent what is Rig Manager (only) and what's on the Kemper itself. Updated the Kemper using Rig Manager to the latest firmware and rebooted. Found many profiles I liked that were shared others, and imported some free ones I found online from some of the pro producers. Played those.

    Watched a video and learned how to make favorites. I would play profiles by selecting on the laptop, then favorite on the Kemper unit. Favorited about 20. When I went to the Kemper unit and switched to Performance mode to make my first performance - now only 7 favorites show (out of the 20 I saved). What happened? Are some still in the laptop in Rig Manager? How do you copy from once place to another or sync from laptop to Kemper? Is there some special way to see them in Performance mode?

    Continued trying to make a performance. Added 4 profiles to 1-4. figured out how to change gain in Morph version so I could have clean and dirty. But has this 10 second delay. Watched a video on how to change that on a Profiler Stage from Aug 2019, but the option to change that timing by using "rig" and the first soft button did not match the video at all (software update since moved it?).

    Things are all over the map because I have seen no onboarding tour or decent demo/tutorial that actually walks you through the basics of how to use the thing out of the box.

    • show me the difference between a profile / rig / performance / morph
    • show me how things get from Rig manager into the unit (and back)
    • show me where things are saved from where I save them (saving performances updates rigs? or profiles? and goes back to Rig manager how?)

    I imagine somebody here had to start from where I am now. Where did you learn and how did you get going?

    All help appreciated. :)