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    I had installed the beta version of software on my profiler.

    I then installed 2 updates on My Rig Manager on my Mac. The last of the two was version 3.0.145.

    I then reconnected my Mac to the profiler to update it and an error message pops up about 2/3rds of the way through the update to the profiler and the update stops.

    My assumption is that I should not have downloaded 2 updates to my Mac and then connected it to the Profiler vs downloading one update and moving that to the profiler, then the second update.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get them back to the same download version on both the profiler and the Mac so that I can again make updates?

    My pedal board is connected through the effects loop. How do I keep it on/active for all amps? Every time I change amps on the profiler I have to again assign the effects loop to slot (mod/x) which is a pain. I just want to assign it and have it available for any amp select without having to reassign it to a slot.