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    Well, I finally figured it out, playing a powered Kemper head with a real cabinet takes lots of EQ-ing. Maybe its just not made for that, most profiles are dark and honky and need to be EQed, in some cases very drastic. I also find many DI profiles are too bassy and mid honky. I found the stock "Vintage" EQ preset does a pretty good job in shaping the profile to start, then taking it from there on the front controls. And CAB/IRs are off.

    You could, but you wouldn't be gaining anything and most likely mucking up the sound of a good profile with dissimilar tube distortion. I'll take your "real" amp and profile it. In a blind test you won't be able to tell which is your very own amp and which is the profile. The "real" amp will do nothing more than burn more calories lugging around.

    All noted, but I am not an FRFR guy. I use a real cabinet with my powered Kemper or I use a tube amp for power.

    I went down that track when I first got the Kemper. Set it up so my signal went into the Kemper for the Stomps, then out to the amp for the preamp, then back to the Kemper for the Effects, then back to the amp for the power amp.

    It was honestly a waste of time and there's no easy way to use the Kemper amp profiles when you've committed to that set up. You get 1 amp unless you have a separate footswitch for amp channel, in which case you're now a tap dancer. 🙂

    Noted and thanks!

    Is it possible to use the Kemper with a real amp? Utilizing the real amps power section when using profiles and also using the Kemper's effects when using the real amp? What is the 4CM setup for this if possible? And how do you switch back and forth to the Kemper and real amp? (using a real cabinet of course). Thanks

    Having spent around $150.00 in paid profiles from the most popular profilers and packs, I can safely say that the money was well spent in the effect that it showed me I could have easily not bought a single one and done just fine with factory content and free rig packs. I don't regret buying (most of) them as I only spent what you would on an FX stomp and make nice references but really there's everything you would want available for free. You can take ONE good profile and make a clean,crunch or metal sound from it. I could probably choose 3 profiles and make an entire rig to play in a group covering everything from Johnny Cash, Beachboys to Avenged Sevenfold or White Zombie.

    I agree 100%! Find a few good free ones and work on them to your liking and you are good to go. I use my powered head with a real 2x12 cabinet, so I find the DI profiles better for that type of setup, but you can certain get great results with some tweaking from Studio and Merged.

    I've never purchased a profile and proud to say so. Although, I have scooped up on any free ones that Commercial Profilers give away. Any profile you use you will have to tweak to your own liking anyway.

    Get fluent with the free profiles and tweaking. Check out free profiles on Rig Exchange with 3 - 5 star ratings (but even Zero star ratings can be good). And ask lots of questions.

    You are spot on! I have purchased many profiles in the past and found that I had to tweak them all anyway. There are MANY great profiles available for free and its not hard to find them. Fine one thats close to what you are looking for and tweak away, just like you would do with a so called "professional" profile. I usually tweak the Definition setting first, then work on the front panel EQ.

    Connections for PROFILING Guitar Amp Simulation

    • Connect your guitar to the Input of the PROFILER.

    • Connect the DIRECT OUTPUT or SEND 1 from the PROFILER to the input on your GX100

    • Route the output of your GX100 to the RETURN or RETURN 1 of the PROFILER.

    I would assume this will also work with a Helix?

    But to be clear - the Seymour will be relatively transparent as with any other ss amp. A tube amp adds colour.

    Some people prefer tube amp because of that colour, others don't ( like me) who rely on the tube emulation from the profile. Its also true that interchanging these would produce very different results. I use virtually no eq amendments using my power rack :)

    There is no right or wrong, just preferences ;)

    Yup...big differences for sure. What power source are you using in your power rack?

    I also thought about using a power amp (something like seymour duncan power stage) with passive cabinet. I wonder if it would sound like kemper through powered kabinet?

    I have the Seymour Duncan 170 power stage and tried it with my Kemper and Helix with a real 2x12 cabinet. I didn't like it much, I found that I had to EQ the hell out of the unit to sound the way I wanted it or similar to the tone I was getting with a tube power amp. I mean its not terrible, but certainly not tube like.

    I like your idea of unplugging the mic, but would rather not piss off the sound guy lol, some of these guys get angry if you move a mic stand.

    Its great we have the choice. I understand your preference but for me its only valid for your backline. My focus always remains on FOH sound and therefore any "benefit" you get is immediately lost through the PA.

    All noted, but most of the venues I gig at have there own backline, its fast paced and when its time to set up there is just one 4x12 or 2x12 cab and that's it. And most sound guys do not want to bother with FOH, they just throw a mic on the cab speaker and wait for me to give him an A cord. That is why I stick to the conventional way of head and cab with the Kemper. I also tried the option you mentioned above, an FRFR speaker with a tube powered amp, using the Celestion fx12-200 speaker, wasn't for me either, I went back to the real cab setup the next gig. But it is good to have many options.

    Welcome Sir8)

    Powered monitors lets you get the true essence of the profile and nothing sounds similar.

    That is very true, especially for studio work. But when playing live I prefer the tube power with a real cab. And one should play with the FRFR format when they own a Kemper/Helix/Fractal. Having options is great.

    I too run the Kemper with a tube power section (Mooer 20w Tube Engine or a Marshall 50w DSL), keep in mind as mentioned above you need to turn off the CABs on the Kemper, you will know if they are on because it sounds horrible lol.

    When running the Kemper this way, many amp will indeed sound very similar, especially if they are in the same genre, but there are some differences here and there. I can take a SLO profile and make it sound very similar to an ENGL or even a Marshall. If you change the physical speaker cab lets say from V30s to Greenbacks, the tone will surely change, just like a real amp would. I too do not like the powered speaker option as I think it sounds best with a real cabinet. When I do play around with FRFR, there is a huge difference in tone because of the Cab or IR being used, but its just not for me.

    I went down to about 60 now that I realize I could probably get by with 6! With 6 profiles I could do what I could not with my multi channel, multi master ENGL and a MultiFX.

    I agree, less is better. I have over 300 profiles at this point, its not necessary.