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    At the time I was using a ENGL Powerball II and was spoiled with lots of versatility from 4+ channels but after playing it one afternoon and getting some good sounds from it I decided to do a gig that night with my Orange Micro terror just for the fun of it. It sounded great and although I had to fiddle with it for clean/dirty songs. Those things are pretty loud through a 4x12, more volume than I needed.

    Yup...the "shape" control takes some time getting used to, but they are certainly loud enough.

    I also use two 2x12 cabinets with V30s and G12T75s. I stopped purchasing profiles because there are too many great free ones on the exchange and none of the ones I purchased thrilled me, including the ones from well known profilers. Profiles do start to sound the same but I think that's because we like what we like, and tend to EQ the profiles the same. I tried the Kone speaker and it wasn't for me, send it back the next day. I also tried the F12-X200 speaker and it sounder better to my ears then the Kone, I and kept that one in a 1x12 cab. I also have a couple Headrush 1x8 power speakers which opens up a different world because now the profiled cabinets come into play, and you can use the cab section from other profiles. I still prefer the powered Kemper head through a real cabinet, but there are many options sure sure and all of them will give you a different prospective on the same exact profile.

    A lot of demos from commercial profilers are deceptive in the way that EQ/compression/reverb is added after recording. Many are even double/quad tracked. Of course if a profiler doesn't do this and everyone else is, his profiles will sound weaker in comparison, therefore a lot are doing it in spite of what they claim. Thankfully, there is Rig Exchange.

    I agree. Lets face it, its all about $ales, and these profilers will do anything to make their profiles sound great in their demos. Unfortunately there is no return policy on profiles. I have purchased a few in the past that I would like to send back. Rig Exchange is the way to go, there are MANY great ones out there.

    This is why I have yet to purchase a commercial profile. To get the same tone you hear in a demo you would;

    (a) have to have the same exact global settings in your Kemper as the profiler. (Something I have not seen profilers readily sharing).

    (b) have the same exact guitar and pickups used.

    (c) maybe even have the same interface and DAW the profiler used.

    Spot on...not to mention the same power source and speakers, too many factors come into play. This goes for tube amps also, they never sound the same as in youtube demos either.

    For those of you using a power head or a power amp into a real guitar cabinet, which type of profiles do you prefer...Studio or DI?

    Power amp doesn't care about an enclosure, but speaker moves in this enclosure and why are guitar cabs not built with plastic? I think speaker<->enclosure cooperation plays major role in perceived amplified guitar sound.

    Yamaha DXR10 may be good, for vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitar (piezo) but in my opinion the complexity of amplified guitar sound is somehow meant to be played by solid wood/birch cabinet. Just my opinion. Soon I will compare DXR10 to FRFR with birch enclosure and will get back with results.

    I think that's all true with tube amps...not solid state.

    Properly designed (of which the Yamaha is), no one will hear the plastic vs wood. For guitar-specific speakers? Perhaps a different story. But everything in an FRFR (should) be designed to deliver the least coloration. The power amp won't care about its enclosure, but the speaker will be highly affected.

    I'm good with that, no doubt that a power amp will add allot more color to the profile then plastic vs wood...when it comes to solid state that is. If I am using a Marshall tube amp, thats a different story.

    Yamaha DXR10 also was the one to sound GREAT with the Kemper, but it was just louder that studio monitors and had a little punch, but was missing amp-in-the-room feeling big time.

    I don't believe that a plastic box with a speaker can give GREAT results with guitar. Off course depending on the expectations.

    Off course Headrush 112/110/108 will sound better than any studio monitors, because of size (louder, more "body"). Better than headphones, because on room acoustics, but it will not sound amazing as algorithm1010 - for that I'm sure one need a speaker in wood/birch enclosure of proper size.

    I dont think anyone would be able to tell the difference between plastic or wood. Especially when dealing with a solid state head to begin with. Plus the last thing you want with any profile is a cabinet adding color.

    The starting Profile has no influence on the outcome - it is only recommended to select one so you can
    a) listen to the Profile and compare it to your setup before Profiling (and maybe adjust the mics a little etc) - so you have a frame of reference


    b) to save time when tagging

    Thanks, was just wondering if it had any influence on the profile.

    Do you guys pay special attention to the initial profile you are dialed into when ready to start capturing a new profile from an amp? I understand if you are capturing a distorted or clean tone, its best to start with the same, but is there one profile that you will always start with being clean or dirty, and does it make a difference?