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    In my sweetest dreams I would like to have 4 morph groups assignable to pedals AND to Profilers Rotary encoders...

    or at least 2 groups one for the pedal end one for the REMOTE button.

    I would also like to have different courbe responses for pedals.

    and last but not least: IN and OUT(s) metering in dB.

    sweet dreams to you all!



    just a small note about rig crossfade.

    to me it seems to work only when "autoload" function is on...

    if I'm right maybe a note about it on the manual will be useful.



    the monitor post stack out feeds a software analog to MIDI converter that controls a sampler; dynamics are very important to have a good response in the MIDI converter, so I do want to maintain dynamic in the out (no too much compression) because velocity controls so many sound parameters in the sampler.

    at the end I cannot use the Kemper volume pedal because it changes every output and direct out....

    what a stupid... the answer is "Git Studio" in spite of "Post Stack"

    that's because at the beginning of my project I used also the Post Stack instrument sound directly in the mix.. but now i just use a "Pilot" signal so Git Studio is what I need.

    thanks to make me think of it


    I tried almost everything but it seems that UI to MIDI and Pedal to MIDI do not work, although Kemper is sending "active sensing" no other MIDI message will be send (I already changed cables teste omni and different midi channels and nothing changed).s

    any idea?



    Well that's true it is more an expression pedal but limits are permeables. then I do not understand if I routed the monitor out to STACK why I should not hear the sound if the volume pedal is after this point. Maybe I do not really understand the signal flow of the kemper??

    Then I already wrote my desire for more morph pedals... but in this case morph pedal is already in use controlling at least 7 others parameters that cannot fit in group with dry/wet of DLY-REV. I imagine I can duplicate the rig with different controller setting but it will become a bit complicated.

    but I do not understand why continuos controller in profiler and remote have to be limited to 5 choices....

    Nevertheless I'm so happy with the profiler that I will not stop fighting for more morph groups







    I wish you (AND ALL THE FORUM PEOPLE) an happy new year


    Yoda Guitar

    I think I tried once via MIDI controller because I wanted a way to fade out/in loops. but looper volume is in the system setting and its range is -12 to 0 dB so you will be always hear the loop. I didn't find other way. As far as I remember you access to this controller via NRPN message or sysex I do not remember exactly. On the Kemper website you can download the "profiler MIDI parameter Documentation" where you can find all about profiler and MIDI.

    good luck


    I was trying to use volume pedal as a "send" to (X+MOD+)DLY+REV.

    So I put the volume pedal "after stack".

    then main output to "master stereo" feeding a stereo PA

    and monitor out to "stack" feeding another loudspeaker

    but when I use pedal no sound come out.

    I can understand the possibility to use the volume to control the post stack sound.

    But it wouldn't be useful (and easy to implement i suppose) to have also a volume pedal position let's say after X slot or MOD ?

    my profiler at the moment has 91 rigs, 33 (5 slot) perfomances and 12 presets.

    hay no, it wasn't the morph because I didn't reach the morph stage with 8 Delays... but as I said it was only an experiment actually I'm quite good with 4 delays (8+8 voices) and I can work with it.

    and the fact that the manual didn't mention this possibility maybe is due to the fact that nobody thought that to make a "symphonic fog" with 8 quad delay could be of any use.

    at the end the answer to my question is "no, you cannot see the cpu load of the profiler"

    Monkey_Man well just to experiment I filled all the fx block with quad chromatic Delay (with parallel path and DLY+REV paralel also) and eventually some unwanted click and noises went out. I just wanted to create a "huge superchord instrument (32+1 voices)" -which I mange to do at a smaller scale (16 voices) - I just wanted to see if the profiler could manage two superchord groups (16+16 voices) switchable by morph pedal.

    I searched a little bit but I din't find it.

    is there a way (either in RM or on the profiler) to know the cpu load ?