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    When profiling my amps I sometimes get the error “Noise Gate In Signal Chain detected” before I get to the Refine stage.

    The thing is, there is no pedal of any sort in the chain, I’m direct from guitar into Kemper and Direct from Kemper to Amp, and the Kemper gate is set to zero.

    I’m doing a DI profile with “No Cab” set. Return level is set to -24.0 db which is required on this amp to avoid clipping.

    Any thoughts?

    No, we were not able to reproduce this. Be aware, that you can assign the same Rig Name multiple times, if you miss to edit the suggested original Rig Name. But it doesn't mean anything got overwritten. You can distinguish Rigs by author names (new Rig reflects your owner name as author) and by creation date.

    The last activity in this thread had been in April 2018. This doesn't seem to be a current issue.

    sorry, this is very much a current issue. The responses saying this is not the profiler its RM completely miss the point. The Profiler and RM are complimentary products made by the same manufacturer; they ARE supposed to work together. To say RM shouldn’t be used when profiling is stupid and unacceptable. It’s like saying “our cars aren’t meant to be driven around corners”. The UI on the Profiler is hard to use; RM could be great but these kind of issues are a problem for Kemper customers.

    I have this issue constantly. Come on Kemper you need to fix this. Either your user community is correct and you have a major bug, or the profiling workflow is so specific that the software doesn’t guide the users properly. In either case this is a completely unacceptable for software on such an expensive piece of kit in 2021. Making a new profile should create a new slot with empty data fields and it should not make any difference whether Rig Manager is running or not. This is basic stuff. Your hardware is brilliant; your software looks like it was written by a 12 year old. I love my Kemper but if you’re not careful the Quad Cortex is gonna kick your ass, just on workflow.

    Remember that Apple didn’t invent the MP3 player or smartphone; they just did it better than anyone else. A lesson to all technology creators.

    Looking for some assistance here.......

    I have a Powerhead and Kab and have been having issues with all profiles when using single coil guitars (Strats in particular). I’ve been getting terrible harsh quite high frequency overtones unless the guitar volume is backed off a bit. The gain of the profile does not seem relevant although it’s worse (more noticeable?) on edge-of-breakup tones. No issues with P90’s or Humbuckers. It’s been driving me crazy and Ive seen no mention of this issue in any forums.

    Yesterday, I went to the Output section and dialled in a HF cut at 8000Hz; problem solved!

    I have yet to check all my guitars to see they still sound good but looks ok so far.


    1. will this HF cut also apply to the Main outs via the XLR’s?

    2. Anyone seen this before?

    3. Could it be a speaker cable capacitance issue or similar? I can’t be sure but I don’t remember getting this issue when I first acquired my Kemper.


    I'm finding the same thing and believe perhaps that paults' response is correct. I am definitely after amp-in-the-room and listen to it like that, not like an experienced recording engineer. My measure of success is a side-by-side of the Kemper/Kone vs the original amp.

    This would be really useful. Obviously not knowing how the Profiling process actually works I don;t know if this is even possible but it would be useful. I have found that a couple of my profiles really need to be done again as I did not refine them with the right guitar.

    Just in case people are wondering (I did see this question somewhere) I have just received my powered 20 metre USB 3.0 cable extension and it seems to work great with the Kemper and Rig Manager. Now I can keep the Kemper with my amp/equipment rack and have it permanently wired to my PC on the other side of the studio room.

    Ok weirdness. I have found the issue. The Definition setting on ALL the profiles in the Kemper is set to max. Maybe other settings are off as well, but the Definition was obvious. No idea why, obviously there are a lot of profiles so I didn’t do it by hand. Is it even possible to do it in batch?. I’ll be deleting and reloading a backup.

    Reaching out to the experts in the group on a technical issue. I have a Kemper Powerhead, Remote and Kabinet.

    I have started to find that on bright guitars I'm getting really bad digital clipping when the guitar volume is all the way up, particularly on the pick attack. It cleans up when I roll down the volume, doesn't happen so much on high output Les Pauls for example. This is happening even on relatively low output Strats, and it happens on most profiles.

    I'm sure it didn't always do this; three things may have changed:

    1. I have messed around with some setting that i can't find;
    2. It's happened since I first used the remote;
    3. I have done a number of s/w upgrades.

    I'm sure it's just me, and I haven't yet done comprehensive testing, but does anyone experienced have any obvious suggestions?


    So I have done quite a bot of experimenting. I’m using the Powerhead, remote and Kemper Kab.

    I find that most profiles have a quite pronounced digital clipping distortion unless I roll off the guitar volume. It does not happen on the ToneJunkie Purple Plexi or one of my own but pretty much everything else will do it. Happens on SIngle coils but also on humbuckers. I’m sure it didn’t always do this so maybe some setting I have changed. Anyone any ideas?