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    I was originally searching for how you folks store the rigs/packs on your physical hard drive or Dropbox which I'd still like to know. DB would be great and I searched for that here in the Forum but all I found was the zip files had to be extracted first, which is fine. I'd think for drive storage of rigs, I'd use Author as the folder name bare minimum.

    I backup/save mine in a folder on Google Drive. Individual bought zips and I also save periodic backups in Rig Manager there as well as on my "music" HD for redundancy

    Hey guys, I made 7 profiles of my Wangs VT-1H. There's a few studio profiles, a few merged, clean and lightly overdriven. The amp is an interesting little 1 Watt thing, it's basically a Matchless Spitfire preamp with a simplified tone control into a 12AU7 output stage. It's a little bit chimey, a little bit punchy, a little bit lofi. They were refined with my gold foil-equipped Telecaster, should sound good with single coils and humbuckers in my testing--let me know!

    You can get it free at

    Let me know what you think, I could add more profiles of the overdriven territory. I have a few more amps to profile and a collection of fuzzes (Tonebender, DAM Meathead, Big Muffs), and drive pedals that I could profile DI and before amps...

    I'm pretty sure neither of these are present atm, correct me if I'm wrong:

    Digital audio in/out via usb would turn the Kemper into an audio interface. It eliminates the need for a standalone interface and might simplify some people's workflow. It could vastly simplify the process of reamping. If not possible on the current Kemper hardware, would be a nice quality-of-life feature if there were to be an updated model.

    Next, I'd like to be able to be sort by "date added" in Rig Manager. This reminds me of the iTunes days where I would constantly be adding music but forget what the latest things are, what I haven't heard, spent time with, tried. "Date" is currently a feature but it seems like this refers to "date the profile was created", not "date it was added to my Kemper/rig manager"

    Would REALLY like it if favoriting a rig in RM automatically saved it, so you don't have to click save changes on bottom right...

    Would also really like to see the Rig Manager search functionality run smoother and some hitches while adding a large batch of presets to RM (via drag & drop) smoothed out :thumbup:

    From a circuit design standpoint, a Tone Bender is basically a [full range] Dallas Range master/treble boost into a [brighter] Fuzz Face. So you can try that stomp combo.

    But imo the real pedals are much more responsive--especially to dynamics & impedance. I could profile the one that I built (DI'd, just by itself and into an amp) 🤔

    Rocksmith probably does it best. Yes, it can't recreate learning things on your own or the freedom of soloing but it does game-ify and incentivize practicing and learning new material. It makes striving for perfection fun and looping sections over and over easy. Not bad for beginners

    Fwiw, I mostly played it with bass and it's good for that--monophonic, a collection of things to learn.

    I want to know how much I'm compressing while a compressor is engaged. And also be able to match the level of my Tele with a gold foil pickup (probably hotter than SC) with my stratocaster.

    Further, when there's digital clipping on the Kemper, I'd like to know what stage it's at: the input? the amp stage? the output?

    I compared three choruses (kemper set on a JC-120 with a compressor)--ValhallaUbermod, Kemper's vintage chorus, and MM4. It's blind so you won't know which is which. Pick which you think does the Dimension D sound better: 1, 2, or 3. 'scuse the rough playing.

    looks like the ISP Theta Pro has a 4 voice chorus.

    Reading more about the Dimension D, part of it's sound is apparently due to:

    -Trapezoidal LFO shapes chorus tone which further adds psychoacoustic effects

    -Built-in compressor expander