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    at best, put a chorus on your post-amp effects. Edit: the Monarchy chorus (vintage chorus) preset gets you pretty close:

    1.6 rate to 2.4

    max depth

    min crossover

    max mix

    I'd like to see a good Dimension D added too.

    I have a Line 6 MM4 that does a pretty good Dimension D. Your other options are Boss DC-2W Waza Craft Dimension C, Strymon Mobius. As far as plugins go, UA has a Dimension D that's supposed to sound really good, ValhallaUberMod sounds great. Klark Teknik just unveiled a rack recreation of the original hardware.

    I could do a blind comparison of all the ones I have access to if anyone's interested: Kemper's best imitation vs Line 6 MM4 vs UberMod.

    You want to have your input at an average of -18 dB while recording optimum signal/noise ratio.

    Embarrassed to have relearned that for as long as I've been recording...

    f you want louder than that, either turn up your fader in software or your monitor level on the interface

    great responses so far. the previous owner easily had >300 profiles on it, I need to sit down and filter out what I won't use.

    Each slot can contain up to three different rigs of the same amp but most of the time I really only use the one same favourite rig for this application (Vox AC30).

    Is that a stock Kemper profile, Rig Exchange, or commercial one? I feel like the AC30 has a really rich and complex sound, haven't settled on a favorite version yet.

    I've been focusing on cleans:

    "Fender 64 BM Clean" pretty great "vanilla" tone

    "Cln 02 Dr. Z Maz 38" might be my favorite Dr. Z profile so far

    "GSR FSR 24" is a Super Reverb that has juuuust the right amount of gain and brightness. Try his other ones too.

    "Cornell Romany Plus"

    "AC15HWX" by Maxime Lajoie is an ideal Vox sound.

    There's a Milkman profile on Rig Exchange that also sounds good.

    Find a good AC30 too!

    New Kemper user, audio engineer here. Here's a few things that came after using it for about a week.

    Rig Manager: view duplicates

    using Rig Manager really feels like how an iPod & iTunes worked together. Therefore, some inspiration could be taken from its organizational features (and be wary of the bloat that it became). Having a "view duplicates" feature would be very useful for cleaning up your library--especially for those of us who've accidentally duplicated profiles. *maybe this could also be seems that on importing profiles from online, some will notify me of duplicates, others will just add duplicates and change the date.

    -this could work by showing profiles that have identical names & authors to at least one other profile.

    profile level matching

    would be cool to be able to toggle on a feature (maybe on the output tab?) that makes every profile somewhat matched based on would the average RMS with a guitar would be. I've been doing this manually by auditioning a profile into my DAW, watching an RMS meter while strumming a part (could use a looper if I wanted to be even more accurate) and adjusting the Volume control accordingly. But it's been very time consuming. This would aid being able to objectively compare profiles, plus it would be even more convenient for live/studio engineers.

    -additionally a "compensated level" option could be neat: turn down volume as gain is turned up. Would be very useful for compressor too!

    input metering and recommendations

    on the "input" tab, I'd really like to be able to meter the values of input level. This could be in the horizontal box that's already there. There could be two or three vertical reference points based on pickups: "vintage/underwound", "average", "hot/overwound". The buttons above the screen could switch between humbucker, P90, single coil references. Theoretically, this could make profiling more consistent

    -I'd also like a "pickup simulating" EQ to be able to go from SC to HB or vice versa. pretty sure this can be done manually now but would be super convenient if it was built in. Bias FX 2 does this in an interesting way with Guitar Match

    compressor: display compression amount

    -would love to be able to view how much signal is being compressed and where the threshold is at.

    IR Reverb

    I'd like to be able to load IR's as reverbs (in addition to already being able to load cab IRs)

    -would be amazing to be able to lengthen/shorten and EQ IRs in the way Space Designer in Logic does.

    please let me know if there's ways of already doing this. Will return with more recommendation ideas as I enjoy using the Kemper!

    Try Ampeg Reverbrocket & Geminis, Silvertone (their guitars too) as well as Fender amps (that came with verb) amps. Baritone, single coil, maybe lipstick guitars. There's a Gemini I on RE exchange , sounds like it has a bit of speaker buzz. I have an Ampeg Gemini II that I'm looking forward to profiling...


    Bruno Battisti D'Amario about his gear and he responded that he played a Fender Jaguar through a Superverb (Super Reverb?) amp.