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    Well, to conclude this very long and informative thread, I purchased 2 Kone speakers for my 2x12 Marshall cab and can't wait to install them and see whats up. Wasn't entirely pleased with the sound of the stage running through the Celestion 30w's so I am excited that the true tone of the rigs will be there.


    the Kone itself is the secret sauce rather than the cabinet it/they are loaded in. The intention is that the Kone with imprints should sound like the imprinted speaker (V30, Greenback etc) in the same cabinet. The cabinet plays a significant part in the overall tone. If you like a closed back 1x12 then the Kabinet could be a good choice. If you like, say, an open back 2x12 then the Kabinet wouldn’t be an ideal choice. In either case the imprints should make the Kone sound like the selected speaker(s) mounted in the same cabinet. You can fight physics.

    Understood. Ok, so the Kone is superior to the Celestion choices it sounds like? If it cleans up the fizzy sound of most high gain rigs I'd be happy.

    Well that would be somewhat subjective I suppose.

    A good FRFR type of speaker will open up a world of tones that a regular guitar speaker just can't/won't do.

    FRFR will let you hear the speaker that the rig was profiled with, so much more versatile to be sure.

    The Kone goes a step further, letting you pick the speaker type of your choosing, or let you choose a speaker imprint of your choice per rig.

    And... the cgives you the amp in the room feel back that most FRFR speakers don't provide.

    Thx, re: "the Kabinet gives you the amp in the room feel back that most FRFR speakers don't provide."

    Are you saying the Kabinet is more special somehow than say loading up Kones in my own 2x12 cab?


    All three speakers are built for modelling devices, with the Kone being exclusively Kemper for the Imprints.

    I don't think any of them would be a good choice for a regular guitar amp.

    That being said I'm a fan of the Kone. I bought a Kabinet and got another cabinet made to house a Kone.

    Zero regrets.

    I see, so no matter what there is no looking back and the cab is dedicated for the Kemper and no longer good for a regular amp?
    Is the sound a quantum leap different than using 30w's?

    Hi guys, sorry for a ll the dumb questions as of late but I am really on the fence and need some expert advice before making any impulse purchases.

    I have finally setup my Kemper Stage and paired it with a 100w Alesis power amp and a Marshall 2x12 cab with 30w's in there.
    It can get very loud which is a great thing and I have also tested this out with an older Marshall 400w power amp, now that is super loud.

    But here is where I start to get Gear Acquisition Syndrome and daydream about speakers for the cabinet, suppose my main concern is the comparison between the Celestion F12-X200 vs. Celestion K12H-200TC vs. the Kemper Kone (maybe there are other speakers I am not aware of but these seem to be the main 2 ones out there that I read about).

    1. If a cab has Kemper Kone's loaded does that mean you are only married to the Kemper amp (and a Marshall 100w or any other head will not sound the same?)

    2. If a cab has Celestion F12-X200's or Celestion K12H-200TC loaded will the cab will be more usable across all amps and not just Kemper (or since these are rated at such a high 200 wattage, will a Marshall 100w head sound to clean and punchy with no breakup like a 30w Greenback would deliver?).

    Please advice on pros and cons of each speaker?
    I like what I am getting from the 30w Celestion's but somehow feel I am missing the finer details of what a profiled amp has to offer and most high gain rigs are just starting to sound the same after listening to a 100 or so of them so far and most of them are sort of fizzy and not too attractive to the ear.

    My biggest hope is that by loading up new speakers the high gain profiles would just sound better... Am I wrong about this? lol

    Thank you yet again. :saint:

    Because you have UNTICKED Monitor Cab Off in error you are still getting the Cabinet from the Rig.

    i see know as far as conversation where you guys are saying that about "being unticked"... The picture I uploaded does in fact not have it ticked. My apologies, sent the wrong photo. My bad!!!

    Yes it is "ticked" and monitor can is and has been off from the start...

    Sorry about the confusion on that part of the equation. 😎

    Amp volume affects any post amp gain sensitive FX. For example if you have a compressor after the Stack changing Amp volume will affect this amount of compression. Using Rig volume won’t have any effect on the compressor. You will probably have similar experiences if you have an OD or Boost pedal after the stack. Whereas Rig volume doesn’t have this effect.

    Other FX like Modulation Delay and Reverb are not affected by Amp volume though.

    In most cases I would use Rig Volume but it just depends on what you are trying to achieve.

    Thank you, that is valuable information. That makes sense, after raising the amp volume I noticed a considerable difference between 2 stored performances. Will need to experiment some more.

    Hello friends, I am finally starting to store a few rigs in performance mode with the Stage and one thing I notice (which maybe got you guys at first as well?) is that most amps have a different amount of volume from preset to preset.

    I guess the question is, as far as tips and tricks are concerned:
    * Is there a best practice to balance the the volume across all stored presets?
    * Is there some kind of a meter or visual built in or do we just "use our ears" and the Volume adjustment in the Amp Module?

    What do you guys do to even out the sounds?

    Thank you:)

    You can't unless the author of the Profile made a note of it. Some do it by adding a code in the name of the Profile - but there's no standard for doing that.

    That muddy's the waters a bit. I'm not much for technical stuff, the simpler the better for me. lol I think it's super cool that there are some serious engineer/scientist types on this forum to help us ordinary humanoids.

    How do you tell the difference between a studio or merged profile?

    I found this thread and scrolled though it Differences between studio and merged profiles

    What speaker are you using when you choose Monitor Cab Off?

    ***EDIT*** Doh! I see your using a standard cab.

    Well here is the thing I don't get, I'm testing out one of the free rigs from sinmix's website and his amp comes with what it looks like a MB 2x12 rectifier HO or something (?) which must be embedded in his profile because it does not appear in the choices I have when I go into the browse mode.

    Hi ST, thank you for quick response, only problem is there is a noticeable difference in sound if I shut off the CAB Module, definitely more grainy and fizzy with it off using a high gain amp profile. just tested it and with cab module off it has the the same sound as turning off the "Monitor Cab Off"... hmmm